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Nathalie Hart is back in showbiz via a steamy love scene!


SEXY ACTRESS and StarStruck V alumna Nathalie Hart returns to acting via the iWant original movie Barbara: Reimagined.

Nathalie and JC de Vera did a steamy sex scene for the modern version of Patayin Mo Sa Sindak Si Barbara.

The lead stars explained why they had to do a love scene in this reboot titled Barbara: Reimagined.

Barbara: Reimagined is the modern version of the classic horror film Patayin Mo Sa Sindak si Barbara, which top-billed Susan Roces as Barbara in 1973.

It was in June 2018 when Nathalie announced her pregnancy.

She gave birth to a baby girl last February 2019.

She said, “Masaya po ako na I’m back to work and I hope I can get more jobs and yun lang po, very happy.”

Nathalie’s family also expressed support for her comeback.

“Okay lang po sila, they’re fine. I mean, they’re happy that I’m working again, masaya sila.”

For her comeback, Nathalie will play the title character Barbara who was played by Susan Roces in the 1973 version.

The original movie revolved around Barbara (Susan).

Her sister Ruth (Rosanna Ortiz) killed herself after finding out that her husband, Fritz (Dante Rivero), is having an affair with Barbara.

Ruth then returns as a ghost to haunt Barbara. In 1995, Star Cinema did a remake that dropped the word “Mo” in the title.

Patayin Sa Sindak si Barbara starred Lorna Tolentino as Barbara, and Dawn Zulueta as her ghost sister.

Kris Aquino also played Barbara in a 2008 TV remake under the Susan Roces Cinema Collection presentation of ABS-CBN.

For Barbara: Reimagined, Mariel de Leon plays Barbara’s sister, Karen, while JC de Vera portrays James, Karen’s husband and Barbara’s true love.

Being the fourth actress to play Barbara, Nathalie said that she watched clips from previous incarnations of the movie for her research.

“Noong time po na ginagawa ko ito, I did watch some clips pero hindi ko talaga yung inaral paano sila umacting. I just did it my own way because as an actress, you have to be different among the rest and ginawa ko lang po ang trabaho ko, inaral ko po ang script.

“Natatakot din naman ako sa sarili ko paminsan minsan sa mga pinaggagawa ko, so baka matakot rin mga tao. With the script naman, with my character, nakakatakot naman yung mga mangyayari, so depende na lang po yun kung makikita na lang po sa pelikula.”

Before Nathalie took a break from showbiz, she was known for her sexy movies such as Tisay and Sin Island.

When Nathalie was asked if there will also be love scenes in Barbara: Reimagined, since the first three incarnations did not have any steamy scene.

Nathalie answered with a smile, “Yes, meron!” JC then quipped, “Steamy!” Both Nathalie and JC explained that the bed scenes are needed to keep the story afloat for the new version, especially since they are tackling infidelity.

JC said, “Kasi tungkol sa ano yun, e, it’s part of the jealousy between Barbara and her sister.

“So kailangan naming gawin yung scene na yun para ma-magnify talaga yung galit ng sister ni Barbara sa kanya.

Nathalie added, “Kailangan magselos siya sa akin, kaya kailangan naming gawin yung eksena na yun para mas magalit siya sa akin.

“Kumbaga kasi nagpakamatay siya, pumunta ako sa bahay niya, and ako yung pumalit na asawa agad so kailangan magalit talaga siya.”

JC added, “Para yung pagbabalik ni Karen, yung sister niya, mas malakas, mas nakakatakot, mas nakakanginig.”

JC stressed that the scene was not done just because Nathalie used to do sensual scenes in her past movies, and JC also did intimate scenes in some of his projects.

“Kailangan talaga naming gawin yung eksenang yun not for the sake na nanggaling sa sexy si Nat, and hindi naman ibig sabihin gumagawa ako non, kailangan namin ipasok sa movie.

“Kailangan lang talaga yung eksenang yun para magconnect talaga and ma-magnify yung ginagawa ng both characters.”

Director Benedict Mique took over the project after the movie’s supposed director, Christopher Ad Castillo, died to cardiac arrest in August 2018.

Direk Benedict pointed out that the new version will be the same, except that the new Barbara has a sexier appeal than the past three versions.

“Ganun pa rin po kasi that’s the basic premise ng Barbara and we cannot take that away. Yun yung magic ng Barbara, e.

“Ang na-add lang, kasi we have Nathalie, we saw Nathalie, we had a meeting, nagulat ako, ang sexy mo, mas sexy ka pa ngayon.

“Sabi namin, yun ang diff erence nito, may sex appeal itong Barbara na ito. Very sexier version. Sensual version, parang ganun.

“Ang tagal ng discussion namin noong nagsushoot ng love scene niya, e, ang daming tanong.

“Tapos noong shinoot namin, nagulat si Nathalie, tapos na. But it’s nice, makikita niyo, it was nicely done and bagay siya.”


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