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Prime Cut Meat and Deli


ANGELES CITY — Amid the community quarantine and with the transition to the new normal, a strong demand for high quality meat products has made its way into the modern-day meat market through online orders and deliveries.

Prime Cut Meat and Deli is a start-up purveyor of fine cut meats with a dream of taking every Filipino on a savory journey through meat specialties from all over the world. Ready to present itself as the premium flagship brand of wide range of restaurant-quality meat and deli products that can be delivered straight at your doorstep.

Through the launch of its online market venture, Prime Cut has become an easy and accessible option to beef up all your protein needs by offering premium cuts high-grade steak, wide range of meat products, and deli sausages.

Prime Cut specializes in US Black Angus, Japanese Wagyu, Brazilian grass-fed beef, and other specialty meats that come only from the best farms and international suppliers certified with world-class raising and safety practices. They also offer premium deli meats such as sausages, burger patties, honey-cured bacon, corned beef, and tapa, including essential meats and Asian cuts of pork and beef for samgyupsal.

From making Pampanga its pioneering market to offer premium food for special family dinners to simple home celebrations, Prime Cut has also opened branches in Pangasinan, Iloilo, Laguna, and soon Zambales.

For orders and for more information, you may check Prime Cut Meat and Deli in Facebook (https://facebook.com/primecutmeatanddelipampanga) and Instagram @primecutmeatanddelipampanga, or contact +639178316263


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