MCC’s walls show expression

    Sining Mabalacat paints MCC’s walls

    Mabalacat City’s famous local artists Rommel Siron, Daniel Manalo, Rodolfo Siron, Jonathan dela Cruz, Ninoy Anthony Canlas, and Dodjie Aguinaldo made a spectacular surprise for students of MCC once enrollees are allowed to go back to classrooms.

    If only those walls in Mabalacat City College could talk, it might express its gratitude to the local artists of Mabalacat City after the mural makeover.

    The famous Kapampangan group of artists called Sining Mabalacat has again displayed their spectacular talents, this time at the used-to-be empty vertical partitions of the MCC.

    Sining Mabalacat’s Dodjie Aguinaldo, Rommel Siron, Daniel Manalo, Rodolfo Siron, Jonathan dela Cruz, and Ninoy Anthony Canlas showcased their natural endowment to provide color and visual life to the vacant rooms while the world is under pandemic.

    MCC President Michelle Aguilar-Ong wanted a different ambiance with a welcoming appeal for enrollees once students are allowed to go back physically inside the learning institution.

    The local artists immediately got the idea as they started doing creative murals with appropriate themes according to the nature of the course.

    For courses related to computer and technology, the group created walls of internet search engine and famous arcade games.

    In another room for travel and tourism-related courses, Sining Mabalacat made an outstanding wall painting about the widely known landmarks of the world.

    The artistry was so impressive that even the very busy Dr. Ong was motivated to join and made sure to find time contributing to the artwork.

    Mabalacat City Mayor Cris Garbo, a zealous supporter of arts and culture lauded the creations of the local artists and he acknowledges their contributions in the city.

    While under various stages of community quarantine, young Mabalaqueños are now becoming keen on enhancing their skills on arts.


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