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Locators urged to observe safety protocols, promptly report suspected cases


PARTNERS IN THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19. Clark Development Corporation (CDC) Noel F. Manankil in a recent video conference meeting with the officers and members of Clark Investors and Locators Association (CILA) including CILA Chairman Irineo Alvaro, Jr., CILA President Frankie Villanueva and The Medical City Clark (TMCC) Marketing Director Evelyn Yumul. CDC and CILA discussed their other plans and programs to ensure that all workplaces in the Freeport are safe and COVID – free.

 – The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) is urging locators inside this Freeport to continue implementing and monitoring safety protocols to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

CDC president and CEO Noel F. Manankil reiterated through a memorandum circular issued on July 23, 2020 that locators should follow strict protocols in the management of COVID-19 cases in the workplace.

The memo circular complements the minimum guidelines issued by DOH and DOLE.

At the very instance that an employee shows the following COVID-19 symptoms: fever of 37.5 Celsius and up; cough and colds; sore throat; and influenza-like illness, he or she shall immediately proceed to the designated isolation area and never remove his/her mask, according to Manankil.

The locator shall then immediately report to the CDC Health and Sanitation Division-Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (ESU) Clark team by calling 0933-546-2298(045) 599-3854, or sending an email at esuclark@gmail.com.

The employee with suspected COVID-19 shall immediately undergo RT-PCR testing and management by the locator’s partner hospital. In the event that the suspected employee’s RT-PCR test yields a positive result for COVID-19, co-employees present in the work area shall undergo mandatory RT-PCR testing and quarantine, Manankil said.

Meanwhile, the locator shall suspend operations of the affected area for decontamination with appropriate disinfectant (e.g. chlorine bleaching solution and 1:100 phenol-based disinfectants).

Work may only resume 24 hours after decontamination of the work area.

According to Manankil, a locator found violating any of the above prescribed protocols shall be penalized with immediate full closure of operations.


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