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Lamudi Philippines Celebrates Its 6th Year


March 3, 2014, Lamudi Philippines was launched formally. Back then, finding the dream home online, typing in only a few words on the search bar, was only a utopian reality. The internet was already at the peak of its popularity, but it wasn’t a place for looking up properties yet. 

Today paints a different picture, of course. With only a few clicks, people can instantly see the home of their dreams in an ideal neighborhood with the price they prefer. What’s more, they can connect with brokers even before going to the actual site. 

From then to now, so much has changed. 

Celebrating Change

As a way to celebrate Lamudi’s sixth year, the team gathered together that morning, remembering the wonderful changes the company has enjoyed through the years. The main hall of the office was filled with Lamudians’ gleeful spirits and joyful Happy Birthday greetings. Of course, the traditional cake was brought out, completing the merry celebration.

In her speech, Bhavna Suresh, the CEO of the company, recalled the time when Lamudi was only starting. “Imagine talking to brokers and convincing them to take a package six years ago […] Imaginetalking to developers and explaining to them what Lamudi was.” Through the years, Lamudi has become a household name in the real estate industry.

In keeping with taking a trip down memory lane and celebrating change, Suresh led a new tradition: the creation of a time capsule memory box. Each Lamudian wrote down their hopes and dreams in a piece of paper and dropped it inside the memory box. Next year, as the company celebrates its birthday, the entire team will open up the capsule to look back at the things they longed to see the year prior. 

Treating the time capsule activity as a breather to re-group and rediscover purpose in the midst of a hectic workday, Suresh said, “Everything passes by so quickly, that sometimes you need a reminder from yourself telling you what you’re about to do.”

Experiencing Progress

As a throwback to the wonderful years and an ode to positive change, allow us to indulge in the milestones we have experienced through the years:

2015: Lamudi Acquired MyProperty.ph

Lamudi expanded its digital scope with the acquisition of the next big property platform at the time, MyProperty.ph. With a widened marketplace, we were able to offer thousands of property listings to seekers, giving them myriads of options fitting to their unique needs and lifestyle.

2016: Lamudi Launched Targeted Campaigns and Housing Fairs

Targeted campaigns were for partner developers, giving them tools to better promote properties to seekers. Housing fairs, meanwhile, were events meant to gather developers, real estate professionals, and property seekers. These two initiatives proved to be very promising not just to individuals and organizations involved, but to the entire real estate industry as well, making it more vibrant than ever.

2017: Lamudi Introduced The Outlook Awards

The Outlook Awards: The Philippine Buyers’ Choice Property Awards is one of the highly anticipated events in the real estate industry. This event puts together renowned real estate professionals as the panel of judges and involves 10,000 property seekers in the process of selection. 

Lamudi was also a trendsetter in terms of niche forums, launching The Outlook: Real Estate Conference the same year, gathering the best and the brightest of the industry in one room to talk about the most pressing issues in real estate. The Broker Awards Night was first introduced in 2017 as well, acknowledging top property agents all over the country.

2018: Lamudi Put Up Its Academy

Committed to empowering more brokers, Lamudi launched the Lamudi Academy, the educational arm of the company. Through the training sessions, brokers and agents learn more about how to do digital marketing and online selling right.

2019: Lamudi Provided More Networking Opportunities for Brokers

Beyond empowering through knowledge, Lamudi wanted to create a space where brokers can discover more business opportunities. For this reason, the Lamudi Link: Broker Networking Night was launched. It gave agents the chance to meet, talk about future projects, and plan collaboration projects.

Six years ago, Lamudi entered the real estate industry. In the years to come, the company will continue to fulfill its central goal: helping Filipinos find their dream property online. 


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