Home Headlines Julie Anne San Jose is Aqua Skin PH’s newest endorser

Julie Anne San Jose is Aqua Skin PH’s newest endorser


Asia’s Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose is Aqua Skin Philippines’ newest endorser.

Julie Anne was introduced as the beauty brand’s newest ambassador during Aqua Skin PH’s first-ever business conference titled “AquaBizcon” at the B Hotel in Quezon City on May 7.

According to Aqua Skin PH’s Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Geronimo, Julie Anne is the perfect endorser because she embodies the brand’s main goal of having beautiful skin and a positive, youthful aura.

Julie Anne, or JAPS to her followers, shared that her favorite Aqua Skin product is its collagen powder saying she drinks it before taking a nap.

The singer-actress has been known for her roots as a Sugarpop member, record-breaking sales of her self-titled debut album, addictive song covers, heartfelt renditions of TV show theme songs, versatile performances in concerts and variety shows, and a distinct voice quality that audiences love.

Besides her talent, Julie Anne has been admired by many for her charismatic and down-to-earth, yet mysterious personality. She has earned praises from industry veterans regarding her work ethic and her humility.

Julie Ann is Aqua Skin PH’s second celebrity endorser. The Japanese beauty brand’s first celebrity endorser is actress Max Collins who was introduced during the brand’s first-year anniversary celebration on October 22, 2021.

Aqua Skin is a Japanese brand focusing on improving beauty and wellness. Through extensive research and development, the company came up with premium products that became a hit on the market while providing the clients with a high-end and satisfying consumer experience.

Among its popular products were Aqua Skin Glutathione Capsules, Aqua Skin Gold, Aqua Skin Amino Collagen Powder, Aqua Skin Kagayaki Drink, Tsubaki Soap, and Aqua Skin Lipstick.

For more information and to order Aqua Skin products, checkout https://www.facebook.com/AquaskinPhilippinesOfficial on Facebook, or @aquaskin_ph on Instagram.


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