Health Care day in Lubao

    LUBAO, Pampanga – Today (March 2) is health care day for at least 200 persons from all over the province who come to the Bety Lim compound in Barangay Sto. Thomas here.

    The gathering was a follow-up check of around 150 people who were operated on for removal of cataract in their eyes. They were the beneficiaries of the health assistance of former Sanggunianag Panlalawigan (SP) member Lilia “nanay baby” Pineda.

    According to Mrs. Pineda the eye care and treatment program is a component of her comprehensive health assitance to the needy residents of the province.

    Mrs. Pineda said in her speech before the beneficiaries of her assistance project that most of the people who came to her for medical care are the needy who had failed early treatment of their sickness.

    “Some of the people have advance cases of cancer, kidney and intestinal problems. I am deeply sorry for their predicaments because they do not have the money for the early treatment of their illness.”

    Mrs. Pineda who has won in her petition to unseat Gov. Ed Panlilio and is waiting for the final and executory order of her case.

    However, Mrs. Pineda stressed that the priority of her program is health care and assistance.

    “There are hospitals in all towns of Pampanga, but it is unfortunate that they lack health personnel, equipment and medicines.” She added that the health services should be among the priorities of governement particularly during these difficult times.

    Mrs. Pineda also said since she has been out of public office the past years, her time has been focused on her assitance to the people of the province.

    There are hundreds who come to the Pineda residence in Lubao for assistance not only on health requirements but for community projects.


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