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Emotion tension release


TO BE human is totally alright. To feel, to react, to fail, make mistakes, is human. Each one’s journey has its own authenticity. Some can cope with life’s challenges better, some become weak. To embrace your own originality is the first step to self-love.

Being emotionally harmed myself, and wounded in the past, from which results to disconnection of feelings for others, loss of self, low confidence, aggression, depression, to name a few — is the reason why I thought of the ETR (Emotion Tension Release) workshop. It was held at Orissa Holistic Garden Resort, on November 20-21, combined with the BTR (Body Tension Release) program, which I discussed in my previous article.

Not exactly knowing what will happen, our lovely attendees arrived early, vibrating with excitement. Alberto, our kinesiology master, did the briefing of the workshop flow while light vegetarian gourmet snack is being served.

As the sun set, I presented the OTP (Outlining of Tension Pulse) to the group. The first stage was a guided meditation to calm the mind, body, and emotion. For when everything is in state of tranquility, the heart is more open to surrender and trust. The second stage was the stress management meditation, which promotes relaxation, using imagery and visualization. This time, everyone’s face looked more at peace, the mode of the atmosphere and space shifted soothingly. It was a delightful moment to witness.

The third stage involved mapping of the tensions. We revisited memories of sadness, pains, and even joyful events. Tears overflowed at this phase – wounds, deep scars, and vulnerability exposed. It was a heartbreaking moment to watch these beautiful beings choking in tears while narrating their ordeal, but at the same time, I admired their bravery and strength.

Many people carry unaddressed wounds for years which affect their now unknowingly, and some keep on going back to the joy of the past, missing the joy of today, or maybe because their present is not as bright. The goal of this practice is to detach and cut clean from the past emotions that block your path to your full potential for happiness and success, by saying goodbye to each one of those unpleasant experiences.

As the dark took over, the DCG (Divine Consciousness Gathering) part followed outdoors, where the entrancing nature awaits. We all wore white on that magical night, to signify new beginning and purity. I designed a unity mandala at the center of the space with petals of flowers, surrounding it with white candles – a divine sight to behold. The sound of nature is truly unsurpassable, the rhythm of its silence, enthralling. As I started my prayer of blessings for all creations, the presence of the heaven-sent unknowns joined us. A bewitching surprise which felt like a dream. An enchanting mystical experience that everyone will never forget for the rest of their lives.

The next day, the ambiance was full of cheer and endless laughter. Radiant faces lighting up the room. What a splendid morning it was.

After the BTR session, the last stage of the ETR, which is the PSP (Perspective Shifting Program) takes the limelight. PSP system is a method which I created. Its aim is to bring about clarity and focus to the brain, clear out limiting beliefs driven by fear, self-doubt, and low confidence. With this, the practitioner realizes that the reason of his/her failures are due to the limiting beliefs set by one’s own mind. All are impressions, they are not happening and true. PSP practice helped a lot of my clients in achieving their goals. It was a highly powerful program which work also for business victories and relationships.

Sharing of experience after the PSP followed. One of the medical doctor attendees shared she had Aphantasia condition (people who are not capable to visualize mental imagery). She had it since she was young. She couldn’t believe that after the PSP she started seeing images during our visualization part. She couldn’t help but burst in tears of joy while telling her story. She realized that her not being able to imagine was due to her emotional blockages brought about by deep-seated hurts.

Another attendee shared that all her life, whenever she felt happy, she thought she didn’t deserve it. She feels guilty of being happy. So, whenever that emotion presents itself, she drives it away. She feared that joy may bring loneliness too, making her feel low and depress every time. After the PSP, she declared to herself that she is now ready to welcome happiness and she deserves it. She was sorry that she missed so many, because of her wrong perception about it. Again, flood of tears poured out, and others joined in.

The ETR program released so many unpleasant energies from the heart, awakened self-love, awareness, hope, faith – a rebirth. It shifted the eyes back to the light, where everything is bright, full of promise, and possible.




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