EdPam’s comeback brings hope to ONA

    ANGELES CITY – As promised.

    After his two-week travel from the United States, Mayor Edgardo “Ed” Pamintuan is now back to the city hall and announced that medical equipment donations from the World Medical Relief based in Detroit, Michigan will be here before the year ends.

    “I’m very happy to inform you that we acquired lots of hospital equipment that will be very useful in providing medical service to the people,” said Pamintuan during the flag-raising rites at the Angeles city hall.

    Before his departure to the U.S., Pamintuan earlier vowed to “bring home the bacon”. 

    “Our dream of having dialysis machines in our own public hospital is now becoming a reality,” he added.

    In relation to the reconstruction of the Ospital Ning Angeles (ONA), Pamintuan also said that he is against the expensive professional doctor’s fee being charged to indigents in a public hospital.

    “It isn’t nice to see poor people being bombarded with expensive hospital bills. Let’s aim to lessen the burden of the sick,” he said.

    Pamintuan also expressed his concern regarding the usage of the hospital’s ambulance. “I want our ambulances to be in good condition at all times and I want them to be filled with fuel anytime so that if there’s an emergency, our mobile is always ready.”

    “No more petty cash system on gasoline. It’s time to have a better system in ONA to provide better health care service for the people.”

    The mayor also reiterated that the ambulance is not only for the rich but also for the poor.

    “I also found out that we only have one serviceable ambulance vehicle that has been running for more than 15 years but the new hospital director, Dr. Tony Dizon, has promised me that he will provide two reliable ambulances,” Pamintuan said.

    He asked Dizon to make appropriate adjustments on the current system to further improve the service of the public hospital. The donations (hospital equipment and supplies) from Michigan are expected to be here before the year ends.


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