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Delta at PHL consulate in NYC  


Fruitful meeting of cabalens in New York City. Contributed photo


NEW YORK CITY – Pampanga Gov. Dennis ‘Delta” Pineda visited the Philippine Consulate General on Monday for meetings with Consul General Elmer G. Cato and an American non-profit organization based in the East Coast.

During his meeting with the consul general, Pineda discussed the coronavirus situation in Pampanga and the various measures the provincial government of Pampanga had been implementing to protect cabalens.

He also discussed other initiatives the province, under his leadership, had been undertaking in the areas of peace and order, trade and investment, education, and arts, culture, and sports.

Consul General Cato shared the ongoing efforts of the Consulate General to promote trade and investment in the Philippines, including the Clark Freeport and surrounding areas; further improve the delivery of consular services; and look after the well-being of the members of the Filipino Community in the 10 states under its jurisdiction.

The governor gave his commitment to support the efforts of the consul general, who also hails from Pampanga, to promote Filipino culture in the United States, by providing two giant lanterns that would be displayed at the Philippine Center along Fifth Avenue in New York for the holiday season in 2022.

The parol display at the Center, which is located in the heart of Manhattan, is expected to mesmerize the more than 200,000 pedestrians that pass by it every day.

The governor also met with Joan Littlefield, director for Asia and Eurasia Programs of Americares, a non-profit organization that provides medicines and medical supplies to various countries around the world.

Joan Littlefield of Americares briefs Gov. Pineda on her agency’s mission. Contributed photo

The meeting, which was arranged by Cato, should pave the way for a partnership agreement between the Pampanga Provincial Government and Americares, for the donation of vital medicines and medical supplies for use by the provincial hospital, district hospitals and other local health units in Pampanga. Both the governor and the consul general agree that this partnership should be pursued as it will benefit indigent cabalens. PHL-ConGen


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