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Aqua Skin launches new products, welcomes newest celebrity endorser


#AquaSkinFOREVERyOne. Aqua Skin celebrates its first anniversary at Clark Marriott Hotel on Friday, October 22. Photo by Joann Manabat


CLARK FREEPORT – Making its way into the Philippine market strongly, Aqua Skin celebrated its first anniversary at Clark Marriott Hotel over the weekend.

Aqua Skin is a beauty and wellness brand from Japan focused on improving skin and health using Japanese advanced formulation and technology. Its products include Gluta Caps, Tsubaki Soap, Kagayaki Drink, and Koragen Lipstick.

Hosted by models Nico Fowler and Queen Semana together with beauty queen Mirjan Hipolito, the event was also graced by Kapampangan beauty queens and influencers Francheska Taruc, Angela Robson, China Roces, and Aqua Skin Philippines general manager Jeff Geronimo along with Aqua Skin distributors and resellers.

On its first anniversary celebration, Aqua Skin launched its newest products Aqua Skin Gold and Amino Collagen premium drink.

Gold is Aqua Skin’s newest glutathione with L-Cysteine capsules with a whitening breakthrough which contains the most effective glutathione variant that is currently on the market.

Amino Collagen can easily mix and match with your favorite drink. It gives an undeniable youthful glowing skin with its powder infused with ceramide. Amino Collagen helps improve and rejuvenate skin and promotes moisture to strengthen the skin’s barrier against free radicals. It also promotes a healthy heart, improves sleep quality and body energy, and soothes acid reflux symptoms.

To complete its grand celebration, Aqua Skin also introduced its newest celebrity endorser, actress and model Max Collins.

Special awards and recognition presented for Aqua Skin’s wholesalers and resellers. Photo by Joann Manabat

The event also presented special awards and recognition to its outstanding distributors, and resellers.

Geronimo recalled his journey with the company starting in a very little capital and expressed his gratitude for their accomplishments as a known Japanese skin and wellness brand integrating the Philippine market over the years.

Geronimo hopes for fruitful years for Aqua Skin to continuously help its business partners as well as consumers for a premium user experience.




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