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Today's Punto
I am happily his mistress
By Arci Pineda

Jun 13, 2018

AFTER 23 lovely years with my Tonyboy, you can call me kabit and I will tell you I am happily his kabit. I am happily his mistress says Gretchen Barretto. 

Gretchen answered one by one thrown at her by some netizens in her live session on Instagram.

She asked an apology to a letter sender named Jo-Ann Mula The incident happened when Gretchen and friends Mimi Que and Patty Pineda laughed at the letter of Jo-Ann for her mother-in-law. 

Gretchen asked Mimi not to reply back at the bashers. 

Hindi ako namamatol, Im just being true to myself, Mimi. Kasi hindi naman sa lahat ng oras, puwede nila tayong batuhin nang batuhin. 

Ako naman, Im being true. Hindi naman porket agkaali… I eer ae up to ayody ad said I a nameless, I am pure, I am holy, I am this or that. 

I never pretended to be anything good. Habang buhay ko po sa showbiz, kung ano po nakita niyo akin, kung ano po ako, ako yun. I never said, Ako to, aait ako, ayaa… Hindi, I never claimed anything. 

In a segment of their live session, Gretchen stressed that some fundings come from their own pocket when people ask for some help. 

I disabled my comments section and I put off the private thingy—disabled it, as well on my Instagram— just because I did not want to indulge you, because I feel like Im not guilty po. 

Kug ako po, giagait ko ag podo g goyero, kaa g aya… hate e, ok e all you at. But people of the Philippines, pera po namin ito. Hindi ko po ninakaw ito kahit kanino. 

We are just illig to gie it eause e all it… [its our way] to pay back, of giving back. Totoo po, nakaka-guilty na were blessed tremendously and why not give back? Thats just my question. 

Gretchen continued when bashers commented that she is anak mayaman. 

Im sorry po, hindi po ako anak mayaman. Biglang-yaman. 

The actress also said that she will never look down on people as she herself experienced how it is to be poor. 

Yung tinawag niyo po ako na matapobre, you can not call me matapobre simply because nanggaling po ako sa buhay na pobre. 

Hindi ako nagda-drama pero the fact po na nagtrabaho ako at age 12 years old to earn a living, to pay rent. We never owned a house, we had to pay rent. We had to pay electricity. 

I had to help and thats not a bad thing po. Hindi ko kinahihiya yun. So hindi po ako pwedeng maging matapobre kung dun din ako po nanggaling. 

So yun, sinasagot ko po yung sinasabi niyong matapobre. Imposible pong maging matapobre. Yun po ilalaban ko. 
Her viewers got shocked when Gretchen mentioned that she is a mistress of Tonyboy. 

To recall, Gretchen and Tonyboy celebrated their 24th anniversary last February.

However,the truth is Tonyboy is still very much married to equestrienne Dennis Yabut-Cojuangco. 

Mga kaibigan, you can accuse me of many things, nasty things. Puwede niyo akong sabihing malandi, I will accept it. Sasabihin niyo akong baduy, bagong yaman, I will accept it.

Marami po kasing nag-i-stop sa akin, sa kadaldalan ko, but Im on a roll. I want to say this. 

Sasabihin nilang kabit, aaminin ko for the past 23 or almost 24 years, opo, kabit po ako ni Tonyboy Cojuangco. I never denied it.

If you threw that at me five years ago, maglulupasay po ako. Halos magpakamatay po ako sa sakit sa aking dibdib pag tinatawag niyo akong kabit.

But right now, after 23 lovely years with my Tonyboy, you can call me kabit and I will tell you, I am happily his kabit. I am happily his mistress. 

I have a man who loves me unconditionally. Yes, it is true. Maybe I will never be married with him. Maybe he will never marry me. Maybe I will never have that dream to walk down the aisle and have that fabulous gown. But who cares? 

I have a very fl awed life, a fl awed relationship, but Im happy. Its not perfect. He understands me fully, he loves me fully, and in his eyes, I can do no wrong. So who am I to complain?

Life isnt perfect. 

Where we live right now, its not heaven, you know. And Im not the only one who lives an imperfect life 

At the end part of their live session, Gretchen said that both her and Tonyboy laughed it off . 

Sabi ko, Dada, they said Im a gold-digger, Im your kabit. 

Sabi niya, Baba, you did not dig gold. I handed it to you. Now, can I have it back? 

Tonyboy jokingly said 

I said, No way! I said, Now, you have to dig it back! Hindi, loko lang. 

LAST WEEK, Jessy Mendiola wowed her followers after posting her fi tness progress on her Instagram Stories. In her post, she showed off her figure clad in an old pair of jeans which is now too big for her to wear again. 

She wrote, My favorite pair of high-waist jeans arent so high-waisted anymore.

Kuripot kasi talaga ako guys, pero siguro sign na to para bumili na ng mga bagong damit? Tingin niyo? 

The 25-year-old Kapamilya actress sent this message, Im very happy. I want to inspire others to start their fitness journey, too, not because of other people, but for themselves.

It started early this year. From 29 inches, she managed to trim her waistline to 24 in just three months. 

She revealed, I started getting serious about my food intake and workout choices mid February.

The Star Magic talent also said she does not follow a diet program; however, she has sought the help of nutritionist Nadine Tengco and fitness trainer Kat Geronimo. 

I dont do diets... I only do juicing once in a while to restart my system. As for food intake I just eat anything I want in moderation. 

I also listen to my body, so I make sure that I get to do the right exercise for the day. 

I learned from my trainer and nutritionist that it isnt always about deprivation with food and beast mode in the gym. Does she have a specific weight goal? 

Jessy answered, I dont have a weight goal, I just want to be healthy and active. I feel at my best and most beautiful when I feel healthy. 

A quick look in her Instagram account shows Muay Thai is her go-to fitness routine, with guidance from MMA fighter Ryan Jakiri. For her cardio exercise, Jessy also started dancing early this year with Louie Torres. 

Functional trainer Kat Geronimo was in charge of Jessy's core exercises. In an Instagram post last March 23, Kat shared how proud she is of Jessy's progress. 

She wrote, It didnt happen overnight of course... no fad diets and death defying nonsense training was involved, she took the road less traveled in focusing on the most essential aspects of getting fit and strong, consistency and hard work as fuel and establishing mind and body connection to be in control... 

I maybe her coach but thats all her hard work... were a team and we trust each other, I told her fitness isnt owned you pay rent everyday... if she did it so can you! Thank you for inspiring us @senorita_jessy keep shining...


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