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Rhian Ramos is not ready to settle down
By Arci Pineda

Jun 05, 2018

RHIAN RAMOS was asked regarding settling down...

“You know, when I was young, I was such in a hurry to grow up, na parang at twenty, I want to get married. But I realized, as I get older, ang haba pa ng life. Walang dahilan talaga para magmadali.”

Rhian says her relationship with non-showbiz boyfriend Jason Choachuy is perfect.

They’ve been on for three years now.

Far from intrigues because Jason is a very private person.

“We’re about three and a half years into the relationship.

“Yun naman, there’s not a lot I said about us before, kasi nga, he’s not from showbiz.

“He appreciates his privacy.

“And to be honest about it, I appreciate his privacy too.

“So, yeah. We’re doing good and it’s been fun, easy, and… you know, aside from being a couple, we’re also good friends.”

Because of her happy love life, people are now curious if we could hear wedding bells soon...

“No pa rin.

“It’s pretty fun kasi I talked about this to all my unmarried showbiz friends.

“And this is the most asked question right now.

“I feel so much pressure, ‘cause all the other friends are getting married, di ba?

“Like, last year was a big year for weddings especially.

“So, guys, it’s okay, don’t be pressured. We’re not old.”

On her part, is she ready to walk down the aisle?

“No. Actually, I don’t feel ready.

“You know, when I was young, I was such in a hurry to grow up, na parang at twenty, I want to get married.

“But I realized, as I get older, ang haba pa ng life.

“Walang dahilan talaga para magmadali.

“Even with technologies these days, as in wala nang dahilan at all para magmadali.”

Any hindrances?

“Siguro, I started working kasi in such a young age.

“Nagsimula ako sa showbiz nung I was fifteen, ‘tapos kelan ko lang na-realize na may mga gusto pa pala akong gawin.

“May gusto pa akong aralin, may gusto pa akong ma-experience.

“Siguro kapag nakuha ko na lahat, yun.”

Is jason her ‘the one”?

“I don’t feel any reason to see or to think that it wouldn’t work out between us but, you know, it’s so hard to say it because I don’t know what will happen, e.

“I don’t know what’s life to offer, it’s just really a hard question to answer.”

CIARA SOTTO reveals that she is single, free, and happier now.

Ciara and estranged husband Joe Oconer got married in 2010.

Although, Ciara admits that her annulment with Joe is ongoing right now.

“We’re in the middle of, yun nga, annulment.

“Pero yun lang sana... siguro I don’t wanna talk about that first,” medyo paiwas na sagot ni Ciara nang tanungin tungkol sa estado ng marriage nila ng estranged husband.

“Pero right now, I’m free, I’m single, and I’m fine and I’m happier.”

Ciara gave birth to Crixus in March 2015.

It was in January 2016 when Ciara confessed that she has left their house and went back to her home with actress Helen Gamboa and dad Senator Tito Sotto.

According to people close to Ciara a third party was involved.

Ciara also admits that Joe still get to see their child.

“He sees him and they spend time together. They bond.

“I think it’s important din naman that he has a relationship with his dad.”

On the other hand, Ciara’s mom was very emotional with her interview regarding her youngest daughter.

“I know that God is in your heart every day of your life, so don’t worry, anak.

“I know how sincere you are, how honest you are…

“I’m sorry kung napapaiyak ako, anak, kasi I know what you’ve been through.

“Pero alam kong magiging maligaya ka pa rin, anak.

“Don’t worry, and me, as your mom, I’ll always be with you.”

ABS-CBN’s late night talk show, Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV), just celebrated its 7th anniversary on the air.

The first part of its anniversary episode that aired on June 2 introduced a new segment of GGV called “Tanong Mo, Mukha Mo.”

GGV host Vice Ganda was the first guest, with veteran talk show host Boy Abunda serving as segment host. Photos of individuals were shown to Vice Ganda.

The comedian then had to ask a question for each person shown in the segment.

Boy said about these faces:

“Ang ilan ay kinatatakutan mong makaharap, ang ilan naman ay kinakailangan mong makaharap. Meron namang pinakamamahal mong makaharap at lahat kami, nagaabang kung ano ang mga tanong mo sa kanila.”

The comedian made one request:

“Tito Boy, please be kind to me. I have to make my nanay proud.”

Vice was referring to his mother Rosario Viceral who was watching in the audience area.

The segment was filled with funny and tearful moments as the TV host-comedian opened up about the persons selected for this segment.

Here are the 7 questions that Vice Ganda came up with while doing “Tanong Mo, Mukha Mo:” 1.

The first face flashed onscreen was ABS-CBN Chief Content Officer and former President Charo Santos-Concio. When Vice Ganda saw her face, he quipped, “Baka last anniversary ko na!”

His question for Charo had something to do with the blue blouse she was wearing in the photo.

“Ma’am Charo, Dear Charo, ang tanong ko, sa dinami-dami ho nang araw at okasyon, bakit ngayon niyo napili na pumareho sa blouse ko?

When Boy asked who is “mas maganda” between him and Charo, Vice Ganda answered, “Ma’am Charo, aminin na natin! He turned to the big screen and said bnout Charo’s photo: “Ganda ka!” 2.

The second photo showed the TVJ triumvirate: Eat Bulaga hosts Senator Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon.

Eat Bulaga is the direct rival program of Vice Ganda’s noontime show It’s Showtime. Upon seeing the photo, Vice Ganda joked, “Ay, hindi pa po pala ako handa.”

Finally, he said: “Ah, gusto kong itanong sa kanilang tatlo kung natatawa ba kayo sa akin o nabubwisit ba kayo sa akin?”

Boy then asked the comedian to come up with a title if ever he will do a movie with the three main hosts of Eat Bulaga.

Vice Ganda candidly answered, “Eat Showtime!”

The Kapamilya host also had another option:

“Tito, Vic and Joey kasama ang isang Beki.”

3. The third personality was Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Vice was quick to give a question “President Duterte, bukas ka ba sa posibilidad, dahil sa ‘yo naman nanggaling ang change is coming, bukas po ba kayo sa posibilidad ng pagpapanoselift?”

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