Today's Punto
Today's Punto

Jun 05, 2018

“LOOK AT the poorest 10 percent. You think they pay taxes? And how much do they get from the government? Free education, free healthcare, CCT (Conditional Cash Transfers), etc.”

So raved Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno amid complaints over the high prices of fuel and basic commodities.

“A big part of the population do not pay taxes. Hindi naman kayo nag-benefit sa tax cut (you did not benefit from the tax cut) because you are not paying taxes in the first place,” a dismissive Diokno declared. “… (S)o I think we should be less of a crybaby.”

As though these were not enough disparagement of the people’s lament, Diokno had still the gall to say that Filipinos should stop complaining “about the small things” when he was asked on the impact of TRAIN on other goods, such as school supplies, given the opening of the school year.

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