Today's Punto
Today's Punto

Jun 05, 2018

“IT’S VERY strange that while inflation increased, hunger and self-rated poverty decreased…

These are not government figures, these are figures from the private sector.”

So said Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III, referencing the Social Weather Stations’ fist-quarter report, which showed that the number of self-rated poor families dropped to 29 percent in March 2018 from 32 percent in December 2017.

“So, I guess to some extent, the programs of President Duterte (‘Build, Build, Build’ and the TRAIN Law) are working,” chest-thumped the finance chief.

Concluding: “The average Filipino has more money in his pocket and, in a sense, is better off .” Strange.

Very strange. The only valid reality in Dominguez’s delusory assertions.

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