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Today's Punto
Tyrannical misogynist

May 29, 2018

THERE ARE jobs that should never be occupied by misogynists and tyrants, by men who pounce on the dignity of women but who are instantly threatened by the growing women’s voices in and out of social media. And the presidency is on top of the list.

By using his stature to propagate the view that men are superior to women, President Duterte is spitting on the gains of women’s movement in the country – including his muchtouted pro-women ordinance in Davao City.

He spits, too, on every female soldier and police officer who have willingly offered their lives to Duterte’s bloody war against the people.

And ironically, he also spits on his mother who was never prim and proper in fighting the Marcos dictatorship.

His immediate reaction to the #BabaeAko campaign proves that he cannot stand women, further pouring gas to the social media campaign that caught fire instantly. With this, he should expect more women to speak out and rock the very foundations of his macho-fascist rule.

(Gabriela’s statement on President Duterte’s reaction to the #BabaeAko campaign, May 25, 2018)

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