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Teresita “Sen” Marquez hits back at basher who compared her beauty title to “Suffer Sireyna”
By Arci Pineda

May 03, 2018

ACTRESS-TURNED beauty queen Teresita “Sen” Marquez aswered back at a netizen who belittled the title she has won in the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017.

Last weekend Teresita posted in her social media account her photos together with other beauty queens for Miss World Philippines 2017: Laura Lehmann (Miss World Philippines 2017), Sophia Senoron (Miss Multinational Philippines 2017), and Cynthia Thomalla (Miss Eco Philippines 2017).

In her caption Teresita wrote how proud she was being with these fellow beauty queens.

“I am just so proud of my fellow MWP queens!! You guys are queenin’ it. We all know that the journey is going to be hard but we also know nothing is impossible. GOD, GOALS, GRIND. minor pageant or major pageant whatever they want to call it. If they only knew how hard it is! ang importante WE RAISED THE FILIPINO FLAG! we showed them who we really are sa INTERNATIONAL STAGE! Congratulations Miss Eco International 2017-2018 . I LOVE YOU GIRLS! ang gagaling nyo. we couldn’t have done this without our supporters salamat po sa lahat ng mga sumuporta sa lahat ng queens ng MWP 2017! to our sisters, our national directors and general manager thank you for believing in us and for the people who gave us the right crowns, our 2017 judges thank you! you knew what was fit for us. and syempre ang mga mamas namin..I just want to say thank you to our respective camps na talagang nag-push at nag-train sa amin. can’t believe were passing our mwp crowns on september na. hay super proud talaga ako sa sisters ko. (as published) Like her, Sophia and Cynthia also won for themselves their respective titles. While laura came in as one of the 40 finalists in the Miss World. However, one netizen commented and compared Teresita’s Reina Hispanoamericana title with that of “Suffer Sireyna”.One of “Eat bulaga’s” segment.

Teresita lashes back by commenting...

“Sali ka sa pagent na to’ then make sure manalo ka ah since ‘no weight na pageant’ so madali lang. Oh! sabihan mo din mga latinas na sumali” Latinas are known for being very competitive in the international beauty pageants. Teresita is the first pinay who joined the Reina Hispanoamericana which was held last December 2017. Fortunately, Teresita took home the crown.

“LET THEM know that you’re there, you love them and you care, is gonna be a message that won’t go unnoticed.” says Jackie Forster after twelve years of being away from her children. Jackie considers her reconciliation with sons Andre and Kobe Paras, her children with ex-husband Benjie Paras, as the beginning of a new chapter in her life. They are separated by distance—Jackie is based in London;her sons Andre and Kobe, in Manila.

“Right now, with our situation, I can only just continue to talk with them on a daily basis while I’m here,” “I want to try to spend as much time with them as possible.

“They know they can talk to me about anything. ‘If kaya ko, gagawin ko. If hindi ko kaya, I will be honest with you.’

“But once mom says, ‘I will try my best,’ I think Kobe knows that I will really try my best ‘coz he’s seen it, and that’s how I’ve always been.

“And I’m just gonna really show them what I’ve been wanting to do for them and how I’ve been wanting to be with them for the past few years.

“I think actions speak louder than words, that’s why when Kobe asked me when can I come, I will be there next week.”

She was referring to her reunion with Kobe in Los Angeles in January 2018.

To parents who are estranged from their kids, Jackie said, “Don’t ever give up on your children.” In her case, the stress is greater “because we’re celebrities, we are in the public eye.”

She said, “It was different because you’re more exposed to criticism and to a bigger audience.”

The mother of six continued, “But I’m gonna tell you now, none of my efforts were in vain.

“No matter how irritating it was for people to hear me talk about my children again and again...

“To reach out to them in any way I could. None of them was in vain.

“So for people in the same situation, I feel, like, whatever avenue you have to reach out to your children, you need to take that.

“Because any message that you can send to them, to let them know that you’re there, you love them, and you care is gonna be a message that won’t go unnoticed.

“You have to exhaust all your means with all efforts, and I think that’s what it is when they say it’s unconditional.

“Kids just need to know that they are loved, that’s what important to them, that you care whether or not that you’re being portrayed on that light, you have to let go and let God deal with that part of it.

“But for you, kung ano ang kaya mong gawin as the other parent, I think as positive as you can make it, just keep pushing through.”

Again, she stressed, “Don’t give up, and you have to pray and believe that one day, it’s gonna come true.”

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