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SUNSHINE DIZON for the first time, admits that she and estrange husband Timothy Tan are doing everything for a possible reconciliation
By Arci Pineda

Apr 26, 2018

To recall, in 20916 Sunshine and Timothy’s relationship as husband and wife, became very controversial. In April 18,2018 Shine shared her happiness through her social media account by posting her picture together with her husband Timothy and their two kids.

In her Instagram post, Shine captioned their photos...

“To finally set the record straight. Timothy is and will always be the father of my children. It is his right, duty and obligation to be there for his children no matter what the circumstances may be.

“I cannot put a label on our status but what i’m sure of is that by law and more importantly God’s law I am still his wife. Only time can tell and ultimately God if we are still meant to be together.” It has been two years now when Shine publicly admitted that her husband was having an illicit affair with another woman. Her separation with Timothy led them in court. Shine filed cases of concubinage and Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act o R.A. 9262 against Timothy. However, in January 25,2017 Shine withdrew the case against Timothy for their children’s welfare.

This was after Timothy had a public apology...

“For the pain and embarrassment I have caused my wife Sunshine and our two children.” Shine is eager to give their relationship a chance. “I have read different opinions but one thing is for sure to those who say things as if marriage is nothing. You are probably not married and do not value family. Let me just remind you that you are not the mother of two beautiful kids still hoping and praying for our family to be complete and stay that way.

“As Chinadoll would say it ‘For her nightmares to end and the evil witch be banished forever so our lives can go back to how it was before’. “You are probably thinking why and how can I still be this way towards their father. Simple, Tim is still a good father in their eyes.

“He is a hands on father. He drives them to school, helps them with school work, their playmate etc. Tim is far from perfect but at least he tries, unlike some.” Shine also mentioned that the pain her husband caused her is immeasurable, but she doesn’t want to live by it.

“No one will know and understand the sacrifices I make unless you’ve been in my shoes. Do not be quick to judge you do not know the whole story. Family is worth fighting for. Timothy is love of my life. He will always be, but he broke my heart and I have also learned to survive.

“Pain is a good teacher. Pain will help you discover your inner strength if you allow it to empower you and not wallow in your despair.

“I am sharing my thoughts and our pictures with you in the hopes of inspiring my fellow Mother’s who are going through a similar situation and show you that it is possible to set aside your differences. That you have the power to choose to raise your children in a loving environment.”

If Shine is willing to forgive her husband, not the third party involved.

“And lastly to show you, yes YOU! (and the likes of you) the family you chose to ruin, innocent beautiful kids you deliberately inflicted pain upon. YOU who was fully aware of your actions and could’ve said NO to a married man. YOU better take a good hard look because this is the family you never had and will never ever have.”

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