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Nathalie Hart on love scene with Diether Ocampo:
We’re playing with food on our bodies
By Arci Pineda

Apr 12, 2018

NATHALIE HART is Diether Ocampo’s leading lady in his comeback film Sunday Nights.

Nathalie described her leading man...

“Bongga pa rin ang katawan niya ngayon!”

She is the partner of comebacking actor Diether Ocampo in the said sexy film.

Nathalie revealed that she already shot sexy scenes with Diether for the movie.

Pointing to the screen showing her love scene with Xian Lim in Sin Island, she said,

“A lot of pasabog. We have a love scene like this sa Sin Island.”

“Sunday Nights [yung title] kasi we would see each other only on Sundays.”

According to Nathalie, she did a daring scene with Diether while eating food that are placed strategically on their bodies.

“We have a scene there like we’re playing with food on our bodies. Ah, kaloka! May mga eksena doon na maglalagay ako ng pagkain tapos kakainin niya tapos kakainin ko din.”

How would she describe Diether, who makes a comeback after almost two years of not doing acting projects?

“Actually, bongga pa rin ang katawan niya ngayon! He’s yummy, I guess. Sabi nga ng mga tao, he’s yummy.”

Nathalie is happy that a lot of people will get a chance to see Sin Island again, which was shown last February 14 in cinemas.

The movie became available on TFC and SKY’s pay-per-view platform starting last April 6.

Nathalie believes that the sexy-thriller movie will surprise audiences especially since this is the first time that the movie’s leading man, Xian Lim, did such provocative scenes for film.

“I guess it’s a bit shocking for other people kasi si Xian, it’s his first time to do a film like this, and then ipinareho pa siya sa medyo sanay na.”

Nathalie said that she “devirginized” her leading man in Historiographika Errata, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, who did a bed scene for the first time on the big screen.

Would she say the same for Xian in Sin Island?

She answered, “Parang ganun yung ginawa ko kay Xian, because when we were doing the scenes, I’m not saying that I know what I’m doing but I think it’s more of I’m more comfortable in a way na alam ko na yung kanto kanto ko.

“So for example, he would touch my arm, I know how to work my body already. For other people, for the viewers, they would not understand that pero for the actors doing it, parang alam ko na yung takbo ng katawan ko in a weird way.

“So for example, if I kiss him, I already know how to put my face so the camera can see it para hindi na dalawa dalawa.

“People don’t understand that but yung kay Xian lang siguro, doon sa previous films ko kasi, it’s like rough sex, e. Dito kasi, may build-up, kaya siguro kinilig yung mga tao or naloka sila.”

Nathalie is not new to doing sensitive scenes for movies. In fact, her launching movie Siphayo, which was shown in 2016, required her to do frontal nudity.

However, she admitted that it was actually the most difficult sexy film she did.

“Pinaka mahirap sa akin would be that film talaga, kasi I really hated the things I was doing.

“I didn’t hate the production, I didn’t hate the story, I didn’t hate the people working in the film but it’s just that I really hated my character because I had to deal with three guys in one film. That’s my first film na may ganun.

“I guess people would understand where I’m coming from, so if they ask me ano yung pinaka mahirap na sexy film na nagawa ko, that’s it.”

In the film, she had two leading men: Luis Alandy and Joem Bascon. Her character also got involved with the character played by actor Allan Paule.

When asked what she considers to be her best film, she answered, “It’s Tisay.”

Tisay is a 2016 sexy film where Nathalie played a basketball bookie who gets involved with the character of JC De Vera.

She explained, “I’m really proud of that piece kasi talagang pinaghirapan ko yun.

“I cried in that film na naramdaman ko rin yung ginawa ko doon. Parang weird lang, kasi hindi naman lahat ng projects or pieces na ginagawa mo, lahat gusto mo, di ba?”

Aside from Sunday Nights, Nathalie is set to take a break from sexy films as she is currently doing two light-hearted projects: Kusina Kings with Zanjoe Marudo and Empoy, and Abay Girls with Roxanne Barcelo, Kylie Versoza, Meg Imperial, and Cristine Reyes.

AIKO MELENDEZ admits she’s happy being with new boyfriend Subic, Zambales Mayor Jay Khonghun.

In her Instagram account Aiko posted their picture captioned...

April 9, “He’s got my back :) @mayor_jaykhonghun. Picture taken not too long ago.”

The actress confessed that she and Mayor Khonghun would want their relationship on a lower key.

“Gusto namin pareho sana, private yung relationship kasi nga public na kaming pareho. Kaso nga, people are seeing us na constantly, so we both decided na okay to share it sa tao but still would not want to discuss further about us in public. We want to keep it low for a change.”

Some people accused Aiko of being the third party involved in the separation of Mayor Khonghun and his wife.

“Isa lang naman sana ang gusto kong iparating, na hindi si Aiko ang cause ng paghihiwalay namin noon ng ex ko,”

Mayor Khonghun was quoted saying...

“Hindi naman siya ang cause. So, yun lang ang gusto kong iparating.”

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