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Bonifacio first declares independence inside a cave Pamitinan

Apr 12, 2018

ON APRIL 12, 1895, Andres Bonifacio first declared Philippine independence inside a cave called Pamitinan in Montalban (now Rodriguez town) in Rizal.

Earlier, together with Emilio Jacinto, Restituto Javier, Guillermo Masangkay, Aurelio Tolentino, Faustino Manalak, Pedro Zabala and few others, Bonifacio went to the interior parts of Morong (now Rizal province) to find a place to hide in case of the discovery of the Katipunan by the Spanish authorities.

They reached San Mateo and Montalban and found the caves of Makarok and Pamitinan safe places for refuge. In one of these two caves, they held initiation rites for new members. The Katipuneros, old and new members, went inside the cave.

After the induction, Bonifacio, using a piece of charcoal, wrote on the walls of the cave: “Long live Philippine independence!”.

The Katipunan was founded by Bonifacio on July 7, 1892, together with Ladislao Diwa, Teodoro Plata, Valentin Diaz, and Deodato Arellano, in Tondo, Manila the day the banishment of Dr. Jose Rizal was made public.

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