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Apr 10, 2018

“CONSIDER BORACAY a land reform area. I will give it to the farmers, to the Filipino first.”

So blabbed President Duterte of what future lies for the island with the world’s best beach once its six-month closure is over.

Furthered he: “My orders were to clean it up…So maybe after that, I’ll give [it to the] the farmers. I-land reform ko na ‘yan, mas mabuti pa. I’ll tell you now. I-land reform ko lahat ‘yan, then I’ll give it to the farmers.” Adding that he would provide farming equipment to the locals.

Duterte said Boracay has been declared as an agricultural area and therefore needs to be a land reform area.

Some bone of contention in Duterte’s pronouncement: Presidential Proclamation No. 1064 issued by then President Macapagal- Arroyo on May 22, 2006 already categorized 628.96 hectares or 60.94 percent of the island as alienable and disposable, and the rest as forest land and protected areas.

“There are no farms here. I plant vegetables on our rooftop,” so was a resident quoted by the Inquirer. In effect articulating the general disbelief in the island of Duterte’s land reform fiat.

Yeah, unless the white sands turned into brown composted arable fields, the remaining forested areas slashed and burned to make way for farms…

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