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“Outside work that’s when you can make me landi!” says Megan Young to BF Mikael Daez
By Arci Pineda

Feb 27, 2018

MISS WORLD 2013 Megan Young admitted she gets distracted sometimes on the set of The Stepdaughters, the GMA-7 drama series that also stars her real-life sweetheart, Mikael Daez.

She said, “Medyo nadi-distract ako paminsan.

“Siyempre pag may break time, wala kaming eksena together, magtsi-chikahan kami imbes na…”

Mikael interrupted Megan and teased her about their dynamics in the workplace,

“Chikahan o landian?”

Megan replied, “Well, sa akin, chikahan, ewan ko sa ‘yo kung ano!”

Laughing at Megan’s reaction, Mikael added, “Yun na pala chikahan sa ‘yo.”

Megan continued, “Well, I guess, we just have to keep it to a minimum when we’re in the work area.”

Laying down what seems to be a personal rule between them, Megan told Mikael, “When we’re outside of work, that’s when you can make me landi.”

During the interview Mikael was with Megan. Mikael went on to explain that for the most part of their seven-year relationship, he and Megan have kept their work place strictly off limits to one another.

It is not just because they are in the same field of career, but also to keep the spark alive in their relationship.

Mikael said, “Ako yung may rule. Ayaw niya sa rule ko.

“We cannot visit each other’s set, yun ang ginawa naming sacred sa isa’t isa. We’re obviously very close sa isa’t isa, physically and emotionally. We like being around one another.

“But I believe there has to be something sacred within your lives. At any point, it can change from time to time. For the first six years, it is our work space.”

Mikael traced it back to 2011, the year they became a couple, around the time Mikael entered showbiz via the GMA-7 primetime series Amaya.

By then, Megan had already put in seven years in showbiz from the time she joined the Kapuso artista search, StarStruck Season 2, in 2004.

The actor recalled, “At the time, it was more for me, sa totoo lang, because I was learning a lot. First time ko sumabak sa showbiz, I had to learn so much—acting, singing, hosting. I didn’t want to be distracted, that’s why I said, ‘Let’s make our work place sacred.’”

The couple only made their relationship known publicly in March 2017, having grown increasingly surefooted about their place in the industry.

What has Mikael discovered about Megan as a co-star?

He answered, “I like that she’s grown into a team player. She really tries to get everybody involved.

“Usually ganun ang role ko when I come to a set—I wanna get everyone involved. I wanna make everyone comfortable with one another. Para madali trabaho, di ba? Mahirap yung nag-aalangan ka palagi.

“Nagustuhan ko yun sa kanya, I know she can do everything. I know she can act, I know she can do what she has to do for a scene, I know aaralin niya yung lines niya. Pero yung mga intangibles, yung mga extra— being a team player, making work happy...

“When you’re at work, that’s what? Seventy-five percent of your life. If you make it happy, happy na buong buhay mo.”

Megan was flattered to hear good words from her boyfriend. In return, she enumerates Mikael’s outstanding qualities as co-worker.

“Sometimes sa taping nagkakagulo, hindi nagiging maayos—siyempre hindi naiiwasan yun. But in spite of everything, he’s like, ‘Hindi, kaya natin ‘yan.

“What’s the solution we can come up with?’ He’s there as support not only for the cast but also for our production, for our crew. Hindi siya nagrereklamo at all—ever! It brings such a good energy to taping to have somebody just more positive.”

ASIA’S SONGBIRD Regone Velasquez admits her celebrity status is slowly declining.

This is what Regine said during her presscon before her Valentine’s show.

“Ewan ko sa kanila! Mga adik sila! It’s nice to know that the people who listen to me before actually grew up with me. That’s why ganun sila ka-solid. They saw me grew up. They saw me from how I started to how I am now.

“Maganda yung ganun, hindi ka talaga nila iniiwan. They become part of your career. That’s why whenever I do concerts now, I feel very blessed. I am humbled by the gesture that these people are continuously supporting my career.”

She admits that she appreciates her fans accepting her imperfections as a performer.

“Natutuwa lang ako na may mga taong interesado to hear me sing kahit na hindi na masyadong perfect minsan ang boses ko. May interesado pa rin to see me, buy my recordings. People are still encouraging me to do movies.

“I’m flattered and I feel very blessed that I still have those people. Pero sa akin, personally, ito yung bread and butter ko. Hindi ko na masyadong inaalam yung part ng fame. Ang dami ko nang iniisip. Ang hirap na isipin kung sikat ka!” Regine never entertain the thought that her status as a performer is coming to its lowest point.

“Praktikal naman ako. I don’t wanna be like that. Kasi nung nag-umpisa rin naman ako… First of all, hindi naman ako masyadong sure kung sumikat ako.

“Bakit mo naman iisipin yun habang naglalakad ka sa EDSA? ‘Sikat na ako, my gosh!’ Habang nagpa-parking ka sa Rustans, ‘My gosh, I’m so sikat!’ Hindi ka naman ganun mag-isip, di ba? Or, at least ako, hindi ko ganun iniisip.

“Sa akin, nagtatrabaho lang ako. I was just so blessed that I was given this wonderful talent. I was able to help my family and I happen to like it also. I happen to love singing.”

“Sabi nga ni Martin, once inisip mo na sikat ka na, yun na yung start ng downfall mo. So ako, hindi ako sigurado kung sumikat ba ako, so okey na ako dun.” she stressed.

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