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Today's Punto
Wong answers

Feb 20, 2018

“KUNG GUSTO niya, pumunta siya sa munisipyo at tignan niya kung may in-issue na permit ang local government o kaya pumunta siya sa mga sinasabi niyang factory at tignan niya kung may nakadisplay na mayor’s permit, baka mapahiya siya. Simula last year, hindi na kami nag-issue ng mayor’s permit.”

So, responded San Simon Mayor Leonora C. Wong to Bondoc’s assertions, herself asserting that the local government never tolerated the “polluting and defiant” industrial plants.

As a matter of fact, Wong said, she herself had been critical of the firms the EMB found to have been violating environmental laws.

But – in your face Bondoc – Wong said, closing down errant industrial plants is not the local government’s duty but the mandate of the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources.

Raising the political card, thus Wong: “If he is really concerned with the welfare of San Simon, I am happy to work with him. But making negative statements in public about the town just to demerit the incumbent is never healthy.”

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