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Tom Rodriguez shocked with the pumping scene
By Arci Pineda

Feb 13, 2018

TOM RODRIGUEZ was shocked with the pumping scene of his latest movie “The Significant Other?”

Was there any exposure on her leading ladies Lovi Poe and Erich Gonzales?

“Wala namang exposure.”

However, he pointed out, “There were other things we did for the very first time na interesting. We did it and it turned out very, very tasteful and masterful.”

The GMA-7 actor turned to director Joel Lamangan to ask permission if he could talk about the sensitive scene.

“Sabihin ko ba? Yung pump, first time kong magawa sa isang pelikula.

“Si Direk, nanggulat pa! Sa rehearsal, wala. Tapos bigla nung take na, nandito yung camera tapos sabi niya, ‘Pump!’”

Tom’s eyes widened in disbelief as he relived the moment. Laughing, Tom continued, “It’s awkward when you’re doing it there but it really helps in the scene.

“I don’t want to spoil anything but yung scene na audible lang, simulated yung sound.

“Pasensiya na lang po dun sa ospital na pinag-shootingan namin, medyo may na-violate po akong hospital bed dun, para lang ma-simulate yung mga tunog.

“That was really me going out of my comfort zone. But in a good way, it stretched me out as a person and as an actor. I’m very thankful for the experience.

“Parang masterclass. The whole movie is like a masterclass for me.”

Lovi recalled that she also experienced receiving the same instruction from Direk Joel in the past.

“Nakuwento ko kasi before kay Tom na noong nag-shoot kami ng movie ni Direk Joel, I swear talaga, sumisigaw si Direk, ‘Pump! Pump!’

“Nung kami naman ni Tom, siya naman yung nandun at sumisigaw si Direk ng ‘Pump!’

“Ngumiti lang ako sa kanya [Tom] at sabi ko, ‘Told yah.’”

The Kapuso actress said they needed to do this scene to add authenticity to the movie.

“To make the scene look real, mag-asawa po kami dito, you have to have certain things na ganitong bagay.

“Daya naman po siya siyempre, pero iba naman po ang shot but once you watch it, pag nabuo na yung eksena, maiintindihan mo kung bakit kailangan talaga gawin yun.”

KC CONCEPCION couldn’t help but to react on what her parents Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion posts on their social media.

Sharon and Gabby tandem again made the top headlines.

This is due to their burger endorsement which made their fans so “kilig”.

Since their team up in the early 80’s which lead to tying the knots. and eventually separated.

After three years of being together Sharon and Gabby parted ways.

KC is the product of those years, who’s now 32 years old.

In an instagram post of her dad Gabby, KC left a message,”Don’t ever leave again.”

Some netizens were moved and agreed to KC’s post. On the other hand, Sharon also commented...

“But your papi was soooo having fun selfie-ing his selfies! Cute like you mija! Hahaha! I diezveinte you so much Quisteena!”

“Diezveinte” o 10-20 is the secret code of Sharon at Gabby for “I love you.”

AT 54, Jackielou Blanco is proud to have a sexy body! Sharing some of her secrets, Jackielou gave some details with her her fitness coach.

“A year ago,i wouldn’t have dared wear something like this. My arms were puff y and i needed to lose at least 20 lbs.

“Was working out then but not very consistently. My food intake was alright but got so frustrated because not much was happening.

“When i met @pauquiza ,everything changed. Her workouts challenged me and i trained everyday.

“As for what i ate,She suggested i lessened my sugar and dairy intake. Our bodies change as we age and we need to make adjustments.

“That made such a huge difference.Little by little, I shed off the weight and got leaner and stronger.

“Age is trully just a number.We just need to be consistent with our workouts and eating healthy should be a habit.

“Thank you so much Pau for taking care of me. I have never been happier with how my body is now.

“You are such a gift to me and all of us you take care of. So much love and respect for you”

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