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Sex education intervention

Feb 13, 2018

THE DEPARTMENT of Education (DepEd) plans to distribute condoms to public schools just to educate young minds for the growing numbers of HIV victims. Is it timely to discuss this sensitive issue within the school campus? Is it not putting or conditioning the mind of the students to engage in sexual activities? Why should not just the government or parents guide and provide home interventions to the adolescent children?

The DepEd prolong programs pertaining this agenda continuously worsen the scenario. Classroom teachers educate the young and tender minds of the learners to the world of the reproduction process. Students’ uncontrollable feelings with unguided parents lead the youth to unexpected and unprepared pregnancy. The multimedia, cell phones, and down to the cheapest reading materials, lead the young minds to pornography. Motels’ and hotels’ cheapest promotions attempt students to come and visit what’s with this establishments. Other agencies like Department of Health (DOH) alarmingly reports teenage pregnancy which vigorously increased. To prevent and overcome this concern, they gave condoms and distributed to the school campus.

Others’ understanding of this is that the DepEd is allowing the students to have sexual intercourse with their partners and that the of distribution condoms allows students to become aware and beware of making love.

The problem now lies with the teachers determining those students who actively engage in sexual activity. Not unless they confronted the student, they wouldn’t know if they are doing it. It’s one of the main challenges faced by teachers nowadays.

The government will not spend fund on this advocacy if they involve parents home guide intervention regarding this issue. They should take action now and support parents to provide intervention at home. Sex education must be taught at home by the parents’ intervention. There should be a mother to daughter and father to son serious conversation. Responsible parenthood which is advocated by the CBCP should further be given priority and attentions. The church tries to reach out, teach and educate parishioners on this moral issue.

Precy N. Diaz
Teacher III
Dolores National High School

(Unsolicited contributions here are unedited, unabridged, as is. Errors in grammar, syntax, etc, solely the writer’s. -- Editor)

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