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Today's Punto
The Language of Ignorance

Jan 25, 2018

PEDDLING “freedom and responsibility” using the language of ignorance is worthless.

By this principle, the coalition of artists, journalists and media practitioners, Let’s Organize for Democracy and Integrity (LODI), denounces in the strongest possible terms the claims of “concerned writers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao” behind the “Freedom and Responsibility” letter being circulated online.

For starters, to insinuate that Rappler’s dayto-day activities fall under the sway of its foreign investors is to cast doubt and aspersion without evidence. As writers presumably with feathers in your cap, you should know better than to spread rumors.

As for your question “whose interests does Rappler serve,” a quick glance at the series of investigative reports—from Palparan’s bloody footsteps to the war on drugs—will show you there is more freedom and responsibility in their narratives than in your subtle expletives guised as a call to arms.

If anything, your letter despairs of the very things you feign to fight for, fully ignoring your benefactors’ violations of the Constitution, to say nothing of the chief provision of the Bill of Rights: the Right to Life.

Thousands have fallen at the hands of your benefactors without due process, and that’s just for starters.

How much intended ignorance can one bring to his or her bed at night, ignoring all but the issues that serve their interests?

What peculiar benefit is to be found in siding with oppressors? To leverage government to “ensure the protection of freedom, exercise no tolerance for abuse, and denounce purveyors of misinformation and distorted opinions from diverse sources including those aligned with its agenda” is laudable.

However, where freedom and responsibility most mattered, you and your benefactors would be well advised to cast your “light” on a mirror.

Journalism, while imperfect, and while pushed to a corner, continues to struggle for its rights and the rights of everyone, including your own.

To speak.

To share. To engage and debate. To write.

We will soldier on even as you enjoy the bliss that comes from not being in the thick of writing history as it unfolds.

(LODI’s response to the authors of the “Freedom and Responsibility” apology for the Duterte regime’s attacks on media signed by convenors Joel Pablo Salud and Tonyo Cruz).

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