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The Philippines inaugurates its first geothermal plant

Jan 11, 2018

ON JANUARY 11, 1979, the Philippines inaugurated its first geothermal plant in Tiwi, Albay Tiwi is the third largest geothermal facility in the Philippines with 275 megawatts of installed generating capacity.

Since commercial operations began in 1979 and up until December 2002, Tiwi and the Makiling-Banahaw (Mak-Ban) geothermal operations have combined to produce 88,500 gigawatt-hours (GWH) in gross cumulative generation.

Over this 23-year period, it is estimated that pow- er generated from Tiwi and Mak-Ban displaced 152.6 mil- lion barrels of oil thus, saving the country an estimated US$ 3.21 billion in terms of foreign exchange.

Accordingly, even before the energy crisis of the early seventies, the President Mar- cos administration already initiated efforts to develop the country’s indigenous energy resources.

The general intent was to lessen the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels.

In 1967, recognizing the potential and benefits of geothermal development, the Philippine Congress enacted Republic Act No. 5092, other- wise known as the Geothermal Law. RA No. 5092 that stipulated that natural gases and geothermal energy re- sources belong to the State and enabled the government to set aside or reserve lands as geothermal reservations.

Thereafter, Presidential Decree (PD) 739 was issued on August 1, 1970 that estab- lished 17,661 hectares in Albay Province to constitute the Tiwi geothermal reservation.

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