Today's Punto
Today's Punto
On my daughter’s wedding day
By Bong Lacson

Jan 09, 2018

IT IS that time again –
the last, at last! – to give
a daughter’s hand in marriage.
Self-made a tradition it has become
for this, the father of the bride,
to say his piece in poetic verse,
though unrhythmic, unmetered
is most often the case.
Hence, as it was in 2004 with Majalia Krista,
so, it was in 2009 with Maria Iona Katrina.
So, shall it be today, fi nally, with Mia Maneekah.
Poignant – as in bittersweet –
memories of the kids we keep
that almost always come unleashed
only on the day of wedding bliss.
Remembering now, like it was but yesterday –
taking Mia by pedicab to kindergarten
memorizing – “The fi rst part of our program
is a vocal solo by Ana Criselda G. Cortez.”
Her repetitive rote, from home to school, unbroken.
In early grade school she wanted to change her name –
to Henessy or Gwendolyn,
taken from some telenovela of early fame.
So, what was wrong with her given names?
Nothing with the Maneekah, she said.
But, the Mia stunk and smelled –
“Mia-tutan,” one naughty boy started to tease her.
Oh, how we laughed hearing this.
Ah, how she threw temper tantrums for it.
At the risk of being accused that Mia is my favorite –
which her siblings have openly suspected all these years –
dare I still say she has the sunniest disposition of all my kids.
Quick to dance at the drop of a beat; quicker to sing at whim.
In her girlhood, her song-and-dance routine –
“Open the door, get on the fl oor, everybody, walk like dinosaur…”
So much was the laughter the young Mia brought us.
Less – thank the Lord – were the pains, and fears.
As when at 5 she had trouble with her kidney
needing hospitalization at pricey UST.
Happening during the family’s most hungry years,
but by the grace of God, did we surpass this.
Speaking of fears, let me now disclose
that which, for the longest time, in my mind is poised:
Of Mia living her life in singlehood,
as a number of old maids
in both sides of the family did for good.
So, I thank you so much Raphael –
now that my foremost fear is allayed.
Comes then this father’s fervent wish
For his dear daughter’s wedded bliss --
Mia, Raphael:
I pray – the Lord to bless and keep you in His care
For you to treasure every moment you share
For love to triumph over any heartbreak that come your way
For you to ever be happy as you are today.
But then, as marriage is not all moonlight and roses,
Having its full measure of dimness, of thorns and thistles.
So, you must in those unhappy times
Come back to this, your day of days
Refresh, revive, renew yourselves
And then –
Let go. Live love. Love life. Let God.
And your lifelong commitment to each other
Will be even stronger than ever.
The life we shared with you, remember too
And all the love your mom and I have for the two of you.

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