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Angeles City launches first eCedula Kiosk in Luzon

Jan 09, 2018

(eCEDULA LAUNCHED. Mayor Edgardo D. Pamintuan together with city treasurer Juliet Quinsaat and city administrator Atty. Dennis Albert Pamintuan, officially open the eCedula kiosks located at the Taxpayer’s Lounge of the city hall on Wednesday, January 4. Photo Courtesy of AC-CIO)

ANGELES CITY- Angeles City Mayor Edgardo D. Pamintuan led the formal launching of the E-cedula kiosk located at the Taxpayers’ Lounge at the ground floor of the city hall building. According to City Treasurer Juliet Quinsaat,“The eCedula is a system developed by the CTO for a faster and convenient service for the Angeleños.These kiosks serve as tools to provide easier process in applying and securing the Community Tax Certificate(CTC) or ‘cedula’. They also serve as dispenser of priority numbers for other services offered by the CTO, like payment of Real Property Taxes, Business permits and Traffic violations fines and penalties.”

A total of four kiosks were assembled and programmed by the CTO staff . It is installed with a simple and modern program that is user-friendly and also provide ease of navigation.

The kiosks are equipped with the latest computer hardware that provides quick response and diminishes the processing time.

A step-by-step procedure is also posted beside the kiosks to assist the people who will use the machines. After completing the steps and getting the queue number, the applicant may proceed to the designated payment window to obtain the printed CTC.

“This is really a good innovation and I would like to congratulate the City Treasurer Juliet Quinsaat for coming up with this. It’s actually the first in Luzon and I hope other big cities and towns will follow soon,” said by Mayor Pamintuan.

Pamintuan furthered that the creation of kiosks for the purpose of giving a fast and accurate service to the people are his priority for it provides convenience and saves time that can be used in doing other businesses.

“Because of these innovations, the dedication and handwork of our people and the reforms we put in place to improve our tax collection and revenue generation, we are able to increase our budget to almost P2B now, which would translate into more infrastructure projects, better social services, and more benefits for our people,” Pamintuan said.

“We have been taking our initial steps towards making Angeles a smart city and we are getting there. We have to adapt to the modern trends and technologies to provide prompt government service,” Pamintuan added.

Using the E-cedula kiosks, the taxpayer will only need to fi ll-up the application form, click submit, and then wait for the priority number to come out.

The PN will determine which cashier window to proceed and the amount to be paid. After payment, the taxpayer will be issued a computer print-out of the CTC.

There will be no more queuing to manually write an application form, submit it to the cashier who will repeat the process of re-writing or encoding the information of the taxpayer.

On a normal day, the whole process takes less than 5 minutes to be completed.

Aside from the CTC application, other services are also available in using the kiosks such as the traffi c citation fees, business permit assessments, and license and fees payment.

Mayor Pamintuan furthered that the kiosks will have upgrades and additional features in the future for real property tax (RPT) payment and RPT computation and verifi cation.


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