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Raid reenactment yields P105-M shabu
By Ding Cervantes

Dec 21, 2017

ANGELES CITY - Some P105 million worth of shabu allegedly surfaced last Tuesday when agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) reenacted upon orders of a court a raid they did on a house of a drug supplier in Barangay Malabanias here in 2016.

In a report, PDEA said its agents were inside the house when one of them noticed powdery substance between plywood boards of the ceiling. Upon opening the ceiling, the agents discovered about 30 kilos of suspected shabu whose street value was estimated at P105 million.

The house used to be rented by arrested suspect, Chinese national Yiye Chen, which was raided by PDEA in August 5, 2016. It has remained abandoned and cordoned off after his arrest.

During that raid, PDEA agents also seized the same volume of shabu, some 30 kilos, as well as equipment, instruments and other paraphernalia for manufacturing the illegal drug. Chen, a chemist from Fujian, China, was in the house and was arrested.

PDEA said Chen was believed to be a member of the 14-K transnational drug syndicate and has remained in jail here, as he was not entitled to bail on charges of illegal possession of dangerous drugs.

PDEA said the accidental discovery of the 30 kilos of shabu would further boost its case against Chen.

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