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Capitol hands P16.7M to 5,568 scholars
Delta taps them in anti-drug drive

Nov 14, 2017

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO— Pampanga Vice Governor Dennis “Delta” Pineda on Friday urged 5,568 college scholars of the provincial government to stay away from illegal drugs and to help encourage youths in schools and communities to never try prohibited narcotics.

The vice governor made the call before the distribution of checks worth P3,000 each to the scholars.

Governor Lilia Pineda and the provincial board, headed by the vice governor, approved the amount of P16.704 million for the Expanded Educational Financial Assistance Program (EEFAP) to 5,568 students for School Year 2017-2018.

“Lako yu ing bisyu lalo na reng illegal drugs. Ala kayung kapupuntalan. Sabyan tamu kareng kaluguran, kaklase ampo kamag-anak tamu ing marok a epekto deng drugs. Yan mu ing pakisabi ming Governor kekayu (You should not be hooked on vices 5especially on illegal drugs. You won’t achieve your goals. Tell your friends, classmates and relatives about the ill effects of drugs. This is the only request the Governor and I are asking from you),” Pineda said, addressing the scholars gathered at the Bren Z. Guiao Grandstand here.

“Focus on your studies. Prepare your future,” the vice governor said.

Provincial Board Members Rosve Henson, Jun Canlas, Tonton Torres, Fritzie David-Dizon, Cherry Manalo, Pol Balingit, Nelson Calara, Gerome Tubig and Benny Jocson handed out the checks.

Students encashed these from Land Bank of the Philippines personnel deployed at the grandstand also on Friday.

The vice governor’s office facilitated the scholarship of 2,048 students.

Another 593 scholars are enrolled at the Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University. At least 330 are children of Nanay Community Volunteers, 57 are children of day care workers, 135 are children of solo parents while 85 are persons with disabilities. Board Members endorsed 2,310 scholars from the four districts.

They were screened based on grades and family income. Canlas said the EEFAP has put taxpayers’ money to good use.

Henson said scholars should “pay it forward to the next generation by being responsible citizens.”

Torres asked them to “make the most of the opportunity to be in school.”

“Let’s be grateful that we have a champion of the youth in the person of Vice Governor Delta,” he said.

The P3,000 can only be used to buy books, uniforms, school supplies or part of tuition.


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