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Pain for gain

Nov 14, 2017

MOST OF the time, we hear students say that they are stressed and depressed in strength because of assignments, quizzes, projects, exam and performances. They keep on complaining about these things. Perhaps, because teachers failed to remind them the real essence of studies and what it takes to be successful in the future, hence, they equip themselves with negativism.

As teachers, we have to enlighten students mind so that they will do things by heart and passion and to accept things positively. Every high school students has to deal with a lot of things which is very different from his elementary years. Likewise, he has to understand that senior high school is different from junior school. The students need to understand that they need more focus in entering a higher level of their studies for better grades which is imperative to have to for college.

Students’ mind should be opened for a change so that they will understand that we need to change for better. Yet, high school would be the best part of studying and being a teen. However, we should guide them so that they must balance their studies and merit. We must make them too ready even for a change in curriculum; that, k-12 is not a burden but providing them sufficient time for the mastery of skills so that one can penetrate in the global market in terms of competitiveness.

Along the way of students’ life, they may be reminded of the challenges as part of their journey. Sleepless nights for reviewing the lessons, analyzing and solving mathematical problems and passing projects on specific deadlines are parts of their responsibilities and priorities. “No pain, no gain”. They have to take all the negativities, stress and challenges and should see things at the brighter side. Being an optimist and having patience will make one grasp the reward waiting at the end of the struggles.

Teachers should consistently remind the students the purpose of going to school and why parents send them to school.

Lorena C. Dalida
Teacher III
Doña Asuncion Lee
Integrated School

(Unsolicited contributions here are unedited, unabridged, as is. Errors in grammar, syntax, etc, solely the writer’s. -- Editor)

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