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IZA CALZADO and her fiancé Ben Wintle made social media super kilig...
By Arci Pineda

Oct 26, 2017

IZA CALZADO and her fiancé Ben Wintle made social media super kilig when they became engaged last October 8. The British entrepreneur had gathered their loved ones at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay City to make it happen.

The 35-year-old actress recounted what was racing through her mind when she saw Ben getting down on one knee.

“I was going ‘Oh, my God, ito na yun? Ito na yun? Bakit ito? Dito? Ito na ba talaga yun?’

“And then, suddenly, I was thinking, ‘Bakit hindi ako umiiyak?’

Because I thought... I’ve done a lot of scenes where I’ve got engaged. Parang, normally, iiyak ka agad.

“Ito, hindi, parang out-ofbody experience siya. Hindi ko nalaman talaga until I experienced it.”

But the emotions kicked in when Iza remembered the happy times she and her family had had in the place.

She related, “As I kind of took a moment, stepped back, then it hit me.

“Sonya’s is special for us... that was the last place my family and I had a complete family photo.

“2009 pa… my dad was still alive, so it really went well. The place was a lot special to me, it means a lot to me.”

Iza, 35, said her engagement happened at the right time. “I didn’t expect... but I knew because we talked naman that this year would probably be...

“But I thought it would be when we take our vacation or something. I wasn’t really in that head space when I went to Sonya’s.”

About their wedding plans, Iza said they’re taking it “very slow.”

How slow?

“Apparently in the Philippines, you need a minimum of one year. So, matagal pa.”

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