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Meet Daniel Matsunaga’s Polish model girlfriend
By Arci Pineda

Oct 19, 2017

“I PREFER to have a personal life. I have been learning with the… totoo naman, e. I just want to have it really quiet and masaya.” says Brazilian-Japanese actor Daniel Matsunaga regarding his relationship with current girlfriend.

Daniel admits that he is in a relationship with Karolina Pisarek,19 a Polish model.

“Yeah, we’re together”

Based on the information in Karolina’s profile in lady was born in Poland and stands at 5’8”, with blue eyes, blonde hair and a catholic. She was among the top 5 finalist in Poland’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 in 2016.

After his admission about their relationship, Daniel refused to give more details.

“In showbiz, believe it or not, a lot of people get involved, and I don’t know…

“I don’t want that to happen in my future relationship.”

Daniel doesn’t want to answer if karolina is right here in the Philippines or in Athens, Greece.

“If you love someone, that doesn’t stop me. I had long-distance [relationship] before.”

It is believed that karolina is entering showbiz abroad.

“Hindi siya kailangang mag-artista.

“Basta, ako na lang. Ako na lang ang magprovide lahat.”

Meanwhile, Daniel also refused to talk about his past relationship.

“Let’s not talk about past. I want to live present and the future… salamat. Mas masaya yung present at saka yung future.”

Is he more happy with Karolina?

“No, no… not comparing anybody. I’m not really comparing anybody, and just pray for my next to be my wife sana.”

What did he learn from his past relationships?

I’ve learned that you will always grow with anything that happens in your relationship.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good. It’s all for you own growth. And I’m a mature person. I know exactly what I am doing.”

“There’s so many news na hindi maganda, di ba?

“Because, involving even my family, and if you know my family, you’ll see they’re the most beautiful, kind-hearted people in the whole world.

“They have nothing to do with my career.

“So, I just ask people, please, not to involve them.

“If they’re mad at me, it’s okay, just get mad at me.

“Haters, there will always be hate.”

“I always try my best. I always try to please everyone.

“Siyempre, showbiz is showbiz, alam ko this is part of this, this is part of my job.

“Pero, yun nga, I really worked hard for everything I have had, for everything I do.

“I guess, it’s really not fair to judge each other. This is for God.”

Also, Daniel doesn’t want to talk about Heart Evangelista anymore.

“Ayaw kong sabihin tungkol sa mga ex.

“Kasi, yung mga bashers keep on bashing me naman.

“Alam mo, kahit anong sasabihin ko dito, kahit maganda ang sasabihin ko, there will always be more bashing coming from them.

“I just have to apologize to them that they feel that way.

“I think, yun nga, this is life.

“Sana things will be okay, di ba?

“I pray there’ll be no bad feelings, you know, ‘coz this is just… I don’t know, this is sad.

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