Today's Punto
Today's Punto

Oct 17, 2017

“THE ESSENCE of due process is, after all, the right to be heard before one is deprived of one’s right to liberty. And [De Lima], being an accused, is no exception even if she is an avowed critic of the incumbent President.”

So, wrote Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa in his dissenting opinion to the majority decision of the Supreme Court ditching Sen. Leila de Lima’s De Lima’s petition seeking her release from detention and the junking of the drug trafficking charges brought against her by the Department of Justice.

“The real concern is this: If this can be done to a sitting senator of the Republic of the Philippines, then this can be done to any citizen,” Caguioa added.

And boom: “Instead of seizing this golden opportunity, and bravely asserting its role as guardian, the Court, speaking through the majority, has chosen to, once again, retreat and find refuge in technical and procedural niceties, totally brushing aside the paramount constitutional significance of this case.” BE AFRAID.

Be very afraid.

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