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Today's Punto
RevGov 101

Oct 17, 2017

WHAT IS a revolutionary government?

Legal Meaning: It is the union of all powers of government into a single person or entity; the nullification of the constitutional order; the severance of the ties of government with its people; the replacement of the Rule of Law with the Rule of Force.

Practical Meaning: In the Philippines, the President will be totally free from any constitutional constraints; will send to jail his opponents without court proceedings; will take over private entities that don’t bow down to him; will no longer have to explain at least P6.4B drugs, 13 thousand EJKs; will complete China’s plan to make the Philippines a true puppet state.

The President’s threat of imposing a revolutionary government is the single most destabilizing act that can be committed: the murder of the Constitution

(From the Facebook page of Prof. Florin Hilbay)

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