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Education calls for priority

Oct 12, 2017

PHILIPPINE educational landscape has gone through changes over the years. With the start of senior high school for the past two years, the transitions in the system of education seem to bring more disadvantages that our country needs to face. Both the teachers and students long for a resolution to those issues. The Department of Education and the school’s administration is the key to answer/solution. This means that the government needs to give priority to education.

Children learn not only with sufficient time but also with enough facilities. Specifically in our school, we only have 26 classrooms for more than two thousand and five hundred students and only 30 percent of them have serviceable chairs for better learning. It is so sad to see our students performing under the heat of the sun for the school does not have covered areas for showcasing students’ skills and talents as part of recognizing their multi-intelligences.

Senior high schools provide students sufficient time for the mastery of skills, however, there are no sufficient laboratories and equipment that could provide them hands-on learning. It is just like in the case of the students, to make them achieve learning, we have to make them first ready for such learning. For the government, to ensure quality education, sufficient needs should be provided first to make learning be realized. It is satirical to say that parents do not have financial obligations to their children’s education through the “No Collection Policy” yet the government could not fully provide the needs in line with students’ needs. So much so with the indifference of the parents in their children’s studies and entrusting everything to the school wherein they should serve as partners of the school and need to make follow-ups of their children’s performance in school.

As to the call for better education, government much attention could be the key by providing enough laboratories and facilities. Teachers in the same way must do their share by doing their duties unselfishly.

Lorena C. Dalida
Teacher III
Doña Asuncion Lee
Integrated School

(Unsolicited contributions here are unedited, unabridged, as is. Errors in grammar, syntax, etc, solely the writer’s. -- Editor)

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