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Satisfaction unguaranteed

Sep 12, 2017

A HIGH 80 percent customer satisfaction rating in the processing of business permit licenses!

So announced, proudly, the Department of Trade and Industry of this feat achieved by local government units in Central Luzon, resulting from the Customer Survey Experience 2017 conducted by the National Competitiveness Council.

Of the 130 LGUs in the region, Balanga City in Bataan posted highest at 9.28, followed by two Nueva Ecija cities – Gapan at 8.82, and Cabanatuan at 8.73.

Of Pampanga LGUs, Mabalacat City – undistinguished whether under exMayor Marino Morales or current Mayor Crisostomo Garbo – posted 8.24. The City of San Fernando scored 7.16, while Angeles City squeezed through with 6.24.

Ay, there’s the rub.

For all its publicly acclaimed technological innovations and streamlining interventions – duly getting recognition from the national government – Angeles City still failed the grade – 60 percent is never considered a passing grade, not even a pasang-awa – in customer satisfaction. And in processing business permit at that!

It does not augur well for the city that is hailed as the premium business center of Central Luzon! This does not look good to our world city mayor.

For all its hall-of-fame records as most competitive component city in the whole Philippines, the City of San Fernando at 70 percent is a failure here. It does not measure up any to the hype of its titles of recognition.

Or, maybe, that’s all publicity flash. The truly substantial obtaining in the silence of the service of working LGUs like the cities of Balanga, Gapan and Cabanatuan.

Whatever, Pampanga’s premier LGUs need to prove that they are indeed premier. Less in publicity now, more – much, much more – in service.

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