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Today's Punto
Preventing Metro Manila ills
By Noel G. Tulabut

Sep 07, 2017

THE ENTIRE Clark Freeport Zone is throbbing with infrastructure development made obvious by both the negative and positive factors.

The latter outweighs the former which is mainly traffic and other form of inconveniences experienced by motorists plying the roads under construction. Some business enterprises may have been affected too.

The widening of M.A. Roxas Highway, considered as Clark’s version of EDSA, could be the biggest single project that is worthwhile. It helps prevent congestion of the main artery of Clark.

The complete rehabilitation of Gil Puyat Highway leading to Mabalacat City is a little bit late as rains already hamper its construction. Nonethless, this will surely bring ease to motorists coming from northern areas like Capas, Bamban, Concepcion in Tarlac.

There is also this widening of two major thoroughfares -- the Abad Santos Avenue (along Berthaphil’s two major industrial and commercial estates) and, the Claro M. Recto Avenue which passes by a convention center and an existing leisure and water park. Not to forget, this road leads to the so-called Aqua Planet, the biggest water park in the Philippines when it begins operations late this year.

All told, the new lanes of roads in Clark stretch for about 20 kilometers and they form part of the P1.3 billion infra funds of Clark Development Corporation for this year.

Not to forget, there is also the P173-million Clark-Mabalacat-Angeles Road (CMAR) completed and opened last year. It is a convenient way to bypass the traffic-heavy MacArthur Highway from Mabalacat proper to Main Gate in Balibago – a route that usually takes 30 minutes on a lucky day.

The CMAR, while needing more lights at nightime, would now just take a motorist only 6 minutes from Mabalacat Gate to Main Gate. A trave luxury and convenience that is not offered at any route in Metro Clark area.

At the rate these infra projects are being planned and implemented, people may just have put aside their apprehensions. The worry that we are fast becoming a Metro Manila in terms of traffic (and other social problems) could be disspelled by the way authorities are anticipating and planning. That we can say so at least for Clark. It could differ in LGUs though.

Given the increasing number of flights at Clark International Airport which brings bigger volume of vehicular traffic, managers of the Freeport had shown awareness and sensitivity (read: sensible) -- being practical, realistic and anticipatory.

With these qualities, the fear of replicating the ills and woes of Metro Manila may not happen in Metro Clark. They could be baseless.

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