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Today's Punto
Uphold freedom of the press

Sep 07, 2017

THE National Union of Journalists of the Philippines deplores the forced closure, after more than 24 years, of the fiercely independent Cambodia Daily over government allegations of unpaid taxes.

We fear this is but the beginning of a crackdown by an increasingly repressive Cambodian government on the free press.

This sad development is also part of what seems to be a trend of repression among Southeast Asias governments resentful of independent media, including the Philippines.

We stand with our colleagues in the Cambodia Daily, the Cambodia Association for Protection of Journalists, and the independent Cambodian media and demand that the government of Cambodia allow a free press to flourish, not shut it down.

We urge journalists and freedom of expresion advocates in the country, around the region and the world to unite and resist the worsening repression of the people’s rights to know and to free speech.

(NUJP statement on the closure of Cambodia Daily)

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