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2016 Miss International Kylie Verzosa on 2017 Miss Philippines-International Mariel de Leon: Yeah, definitely!
By Arci Pineda

Aug 24, 2017

“PARANG maaga pa para sabihin.” says Maja Salvador referring to her current relationship with a guy who is said to be the actress’s childhood friend.

Would she now consider herself in a relationship ?

“I’m dating.”

But is it true that the family of this guy disapproves of her?

“Hindi po totoo, and yung family, sobrang love ako nung family. Siguro kasi matagal na po kaming magkaibigan, so parang ever since, part na din po ako noong family. Since high school pa po, e.”

Maja refused to name the guy. Is this guy the same guy who’s been Maja’s constant date this year?

Is he Jack Cruz?

* * *

MISS INTERNATIONAL 2016 Kylie Verzosa is set top relinquish her crown on November 14,2017 in Tokyo, Japan.

How does she feel now that her reign is almost over.

“I’m very excited, actually. I’m happy. I mean, it’s been a good reign, it’s going to get better in the next few months. I’ll be travelling more and looking forward to see the next girl, and also looking forward to life beyond Miss International. So I’m really quite excited for that.”

Mariel de Leon (daughters of Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong) will represent our country in this year’s Miss International competition.Does Kylie think Mariel can win the crown?

“Yeah, definitely! As long as she performs there in Miss International and she does her best, and magustuhan talaga siya ng Miss International organization. I mean, I don’t see any reason why there won’t be any back-to-back this year.”

Any advice for Mariel?

“I guess, study Japan’s culture and parang, just do her best and get herself in the right mindset and just to pray a lot.”

What is Kylie’s life beyond Miss International?

“Well, we’re still working on it now,” Is it about her career or personal life?

“Career, career-wise.”

Would she consider a career in showbiz?

“Puwede naman.”

If pushes through what genre would she like to join in?

“Drama, action puwede rin, romance.”

Who’s acting path would she follow?

“I think Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff . And leading man..... “Jericho Rosales or Derek Ramsay.” she quipped.

* * *

THE NEWEST kapuso romantic/comedy is titled “My Korean Jagiya” which aired last monday is topbilled by Heart Evangelista and Korean actor Alexander Lee.

Why did Alexander accepted this GMA-7 offer?

“In the beginning, I did not know what this project was about. I was curious, but after I heard it’s GMA, it already convinced me a lot, coz I remember working with them before in Party Pilipinas, Walang Tulugan, so I have a good impression about it.”

According to Alexander, seven years ago, his K-pop group U-kiss visited the Philippines and guested in some kapuso shows.

“And then afterwards, when I knew that the girl lead would be Heart, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m just gonna drop all my work and work with her.”

Heart plays as Guadalupe Immaculada Asuncion or Gia, while Alexander portrays a Korean superstar named Kim Jun Ho. Alexander knows Heart as a famous actress here.

“In my school, I went to Korea University, so I have international friends from the Philippines. They always talk about Heart. So I was, ‘Oh, she’s pretty! Wow!’ And I never thought that she would be in the same project with me.”

He also knows that Heart is married to Senator Chiz Escudero.

“At first, I was nervous because, you know, she’s a superstar so I was very nervous, but when I met her she’s so nice, and then I was like, ‘Okay, her husband must be scary!’ But when I met him, he’s super friendly, very nice, brings us around, you know, always offering like nice food. Very friendly, very friendly. He’s like a kuya.”

If given the chance to choose what would Alexander prefer to become a singer or an actor?

“Actually, I prefer acting more, coz with singing, I get stressed from singing and performing. Coz I’m not a good singer like, you know, Whitney Houston, that kind. I’m not a very good singer and Korean K-pop has very high competition. So I had my time already with U-Kiss.

“I’m happy enough, so I wanna to try something I’ve never tried before. So acting is something that I wanna try and I want to challenge. It’s difficult but I wanna do it.”

How did he feel upon knowing that korean actors are idolized here in the Philippines?

“I was proud because Koreans they work very hard, they’re very aggressive. And I know how much effort they put, so knowing and seeing how the result is, I’m actually very proud of them and yeah I’m happy about it.”

How would he compare Koreans from the Filipinos?

“Koreans are more conservative, much more conservative, so it takes us time to break the ice, to break the wall. But Filipinos are very… the first time I met them they’re so... the hospitality is so good, open, welcome, so that is something I was really touched with.

“Usually, we are more aware about how people would take you for granted or you have to be careful with people. But here, everybody is just so open and nice. I was really touched.”

Joining the cast of “My Korean Jagiya” are:Janice de Belen as Aida Asuncion, Ricky Davao as Jose/Jose Asuncion, Iya Villania- Arellano as Kennedy Santos, Edgar Allan Guzman as Ryan Alba, and Valeen Montenegro as Cindy.

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