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Child sexploitation

Aug 15, 2017

SILENT AS yet, but deadly a menace that needs full-time attention not only of government but parents as well is the online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC).

Buried in the frenzy of the avian influenza outbreak in San Luis, Pampanga is the news of an OSEC orientation seminar in the City of San Fernando conducted by the International Justice Mission (IJM) and Stairway Foundation (SF), a nongovernment organization based in Mindoro, through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office.

IJM community coordinator Lito Cabbigat underscored the need “to educate parents on the risk of internet exposure to their children, promote practices to prevent children from becoming victims of cybercrime trafficking, and inform parents the effective response of guiding their children in their social media activities.”

OSEC is a clear and present danger, here and now, besieging all communities where the web obtains.

In Pampanga, with but seven operations conducted, the latest only on July 16, 2017, a total of 31 victims of OSEC were helped and sent back to their homes. Most painfully telling here is that of the victims, 27 were minors with 18 of them under 12, reported Cabiggat.

A total of 19 suspects were arrested in several manhunt operations conducted in the province, including one in Mabalacat City and five in Angeles City. One operation was conducted in Olongapo City, added Cabiggat.

And those are but the reported cases. Not even the tip of the iceberg that makes the scale and scope of problem of the sexual exploitation of children, child pornography its worst manifestation.

With the easy access of children to the internet and the proliferation of sexual content thereat, the most graphic, the most perverse of its kind but a click away, a major war on OSEC is clearly warranted.

Make OSEC a crime most heinous in the legal books. The government can do no less.

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