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2 motorbike thieves killed, shabu found
By Ding Cervantes

Aug 10, 2017

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO - Two suspected motorcycle thieves were shot dead after exchanging gunfire with pursuing cops at about 3:30 a.m. yesterday in Barangay Binauganan, Tarlac City.

Supt. Luis Ventura Jr., the newly assigned head of the Tarlac Police Provincial Office (TPPO) Intelligence Branch, said the two suspects, whose identities were not yet known yesterday, were chased by his cops who reacted to a report that a Honda RS 125 color black and gray was stolen at Barangay Paraiso.

“There was a chase from the MacArthur Highway and as the cops were about to catch up at the by-pass road in Barangay Binauganan, one of the suspects fired at the policemen,” Ventura said, prompting the pursuing cops to fire back and fatally shot the suspects on the stolen motorcycle.

Ventura said a series of motorcycle thefts in Tarlac City turned out to have mostly suspects also involved in illegal drugs.

The remains of the two still inidentified suspects were brought to the Lotus Memorial Homes in Tarlac City.

One of the slain motornappers was described as around 5’6” in height, medium built, around 25 to 28 years old and wearing white shirt and denim pants.

The other was around 30 to 35 years, about 5’ 2” in height, wearing black shirt and denim pants.

An unmarked .38 pistol with three live bullets and two spent shells and a homemade .22 revolver with six spent shells and one live bullet were recovered at the crime scene by the Tarlac Police Crime Laboratory Office.

Three plastic sachets of shabu were also found from the pocket of one of the slain suspects, Ventura said.

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