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Clark Freeport employment surges to 101,000 workers
By Ding Cervantes

Aug 10, 2017

CLARK FREEPORT – From an average of about 20,000 permanent workers during the era of the US Air Force in this former US military base, this freeport’s investors now employ 101,688 people, mostly from local communities.

Briefing members of the Foundation for Economic Freedom here, Clark Development Corp. (CDC) president and chief executive officer Noel Manakil said the number includes 8,221 people who were taken in by firms in this freeport in the first half of this year.

Manankil noted that during the stay of the US Air Force, the US employed an average of only 20,000 Filipinos. The US military abandoned Clark in 1991 amid the pending eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, even as the Philippine Senate junked the Military Bases Agreement, thus disallowing US military bases in the country.

“Employment increase reflects a continuing sound business climate which prompted big companies to expand operations here,” Manakil said.

Manankil said “the bulk of the workers come from various industrial and manufacturing companies, information communication and technology (ICT) firms, including developers, tourism and services.”

CDC records showed that Industrial-related firms here have employed 46,491 or about 45.72 percent of the total number workers in Clark, followed by those employed in ICT industry with 20,687 workers or 20.34 percent, developer- related firms with 14,537 workers or 14.30 percent, tourism firms with 7,132 workers or 7.01 percent and services firms with 5,292 workers or 5.20 percent.

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