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Aguirre says

Jun 08, 2017

“PRESENT WERE Senator Aquino, Ronald Llamas, Alejano, Trillanes and some clans doon sa Marawi. Mga Moro family. So hindi ko malaman why after they went there, nagkagulo na after about two weeks…

“They met with the people there. Basta ang sinabi sa akin, they met with several families there, kasama mga Lucman, kasama family ng Alonto.”

Crisp and clear was Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II in audio and video clips Wednesday linking those he mentioned to the Marawi City siege.

Aguirre says he didn’t

“THERE WAS no intent on my part to implicate the Alonto and Lucman families in the crisis that Marawi City is currently facing…Both families have never been and shall never be a part of any plot to destroy or cause harm to anybody or any property…

“For the record, I did not say there was a meeting between the two families and some lawmakers prior to the Marawi seige. The said meeting never took place and no member of both families ever met with Senator Trillanes, Congressman Alejano and Ronald Llamas.”

Only hours after his outrageous accusation, Aguirre made a more outrageous denial. Notwithstanding his being on record – audio and video – showing his outrageous lie.

Media did

“I WAS unfortunately misquoted by some reporters as having said so.”

Aguirre unreasoned, resorting to squid tactics: “What I said was that there were reports that some opposition senators and leaders who went to Marawi to recruit local politicians and warlords to destabilize the Duterte administration. I never said that they were successful in recruiting any local politicians and warlords. To the Alonto and Lucman families, my sincere apologies for any confusion about this issue.


“THE INCOMPETENCE of Aguirre is only matched by his stupidity.”

This once, with Senator Trillanes we agree absolutely.

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