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55 Chinese nabbed in Bataan for crime in China
By Ernie B. Esconde

Apr 20, 2017

MARIVELES, Bataan -- The Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) in this town on Wednesday clarified that 55 Chinese nationals apprehended by the Bureau of Immigration on Tuesday committed crime in China and not in Bataan or anywhere in the Philippines.

Emmanuel Pineda, FAB administrator, went to the extent of repeatedly saying that there was no online gambling in the Freeport but only technical support for online gaming through the business process outsourcing or BPO.

“I learned from Administrator Pineda that FAB and the locators have no liability in the case of the nabbed Chinese. The Chinese entered the Philippines legally with all papers in order,” Gov. Albert Garcia said.

He said BI and the Chinese Embassy raided FAB after the Chinese government cancelled their passports.

“We will maintain close relation with the Bureau of Immigration so that everything will be in order at the Freeport,” the governor said.

Pineda said the Chinese were arrested because of online gaming committed in China which is an economic crime in that country.

He said that when the Chinese came to the Philippines and applied for visa, their derogatory record in China was not posted in the Philippines. It was only lately that the Chinese government cancelled their passport so BI has to operate on them.

“They were arrested as illegal alien and not for online gaming in Bataan,” Pineda said.

The administrator said the 55 Chinese apprehended by the Immigration bureau were part of about 400 Chinese working in 20 BPO and other companies in the former Bataan Export Processing Zone.

He said there are 120 multinational firms presently operating in FAB with more than 36,000 workers in direct employment.

“Walang illegal na operasyon sa FAB,” he said.

Pineda said the mission order of BI was on individuals and not on the companies.

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