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Second oldest town in Bataan celebrates 376th founding year
By Ernie B. Esconde

Apr 20, 2017

SAMAL, Bataan -- The second oldest town in Bataan on Thursday began celebrating its 376th founding year with an early morning long parade.

Samal, one of 11 towns and a city in the province, was founded on April 20, 1641. It follows Abucay as the oldest town placed under the spiritual ministration of the early Dominicans.

The Image of Saint Catherine of Sienna, town patron saint, was present.

A float depicting bloody scene of fighting during World War II led the parade that started from Barangay Calaguiman East to the town plaza where a short program was held.

Barangay officials from 14 villages joined the parade and so with Mayor Gene dela Fuente, Vice Mayor Aida Macalinao and other municipal officials.

Municipal employees were in colorful headgears while middle-aged women showed their dancing skill.

Groups of elementary pupils and high school students were in lively and multi-colored costumes.

Senior Inspector Larry Valencia, Samal police chief, described the town as a very peaceful place and its citizens warm and cooperative.

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