Today's Punto
Today's Punto
No joke
By Bong Lacson

Apr 18, 2017

THE CITY council of San Fernando takes the highest pride in being a hall of famer in the national Most Outstanding SP Awards (Component City Category) bestowed by the Department of the Interior and Local Government and some other prestigious organizations for its excellence in legislation.

The City of San Fernando takes the dubious distinction of being permanently enshrined in some hall of shame when it comes to the unenforcement of the laws its SP enacted. Most blatant of these are those mandating traffic rules and regulations.

Most honored in the breach least, if any, in the observance are traffic rules in the City of San Fernando. May as well append the disclaimer “Joke Only” in all traffic signs in the city.

Yeah, as stupid as it can ever get. The city government as useless here, as usual.

Despite this, Mayor Edwin Santiago is three-time winner of Most Outstanding Mayor Award given by something called Superbrands. No public disclosure though on the criteria for judging, if any.

Much less on the value the awardee contributed to his award. Disabuse your mind. Ain’t it said so often it has been cliched: Awards give value to the awardee. But richer is the award where the awardee gives the greater value.

Yes, the traffic dysfunction in his city has made Santiago the butt of many a joke. No, make that Santiago has become the joke.

But that joke is on the Fernandinos. And how it hurts them when they laugh.

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