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Missing money

Apr 18, 2017

LIKE THE miasmic air from the pig farms that once permeated the town, Porac is again enveloped in corrupted air, albeit of a different kind, over reports of P17 million missing from its coffers.

First but hush-hush whispers that found their way to social media, Vice Mayor Dexter David himself confirmed, in his Facebook account, that indeed P17 million are missing, based on an audit report dated March 9.

The vanished cash comprising collections from December 2016 to February 2017, David noted, was under the custody of the municipal treasurer, identified as one Maria Luisa Vitug.

Mayor Condralito de la Cruz has since requested the National Bureau of Investigation to dig deeper into the case, and asked the Department of Finance to replace Vitug, pending investigation.

Reports said the DOF is already doing its own probe and preparing a case against Vitug.

In his FB post, David cited “initial reports” as saying only checks were deposited to the local government unit’s depository bank; unclear where the treasurer placed the hard cash.

“The treasurer’s office is in charge of all municipal collections and it is their job to deposit all collections both cash and checks. Kaya mu, it was found that tseki lamu deng made-deposit,” David said.

Vitug has not been heard of since. Talks circulating around Porac town although raised a case of budol-budol, with the treasurer as the victim.

“All speculations at this point,” David quashed all mongering of the con-game as cause of the missing funds. Indeed, it’s no onetime- big-time hit the missing collections having been amassed in a period of three months at the average of P5.66 million monthly.

Talks hold too that “the treasurer could not have done it alone,” speculating that “authority higher than her are involved.” Sheer speculations there too.

Whatever, only a thorough, impartial investigation by disinterested parties – okay, the NBI and the DOF – and consequent cases before the Ombudsman can clear this mess fouler than the foulest stink of the pigs that once ruled the town.

Just wondering though, where’s Mike Tapang and all those good government advocates that used to howl and ululate at even the slightest whiff of corruption in the Porac air?

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