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Today's Punto
NUJP to DOT Sec. Teo
Media just doing its job reporting about EJKs

Mar 29, 2017

DURING A televised briefing with Cabinet members in Thailand, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo appealed to the media to tone down reports about extrajudicial killings, saying such stories “make it hard for us to sell the Philippines.”

She is right. How, indeed, do you sell a tropical paradise when you have more than 7,000 deaths and counting and a leader who almost gleefully predicts even more as he wages his “war on drugs”?

Sadly, Ms. Teo, while we do wish for more tourists to visit and boost our economy, our job is to report what is happening, not sweep this under the rug as part of a PR campaign.

It would be better if, instead of asking us to “tone down” the killings, you ask the President to order an end to them. That way, we could truthfully report that the killing season is over and the Philippines is, well, “more fun.”

And from us at Punto!

IF YOU don’t want it publicized, don’t let it happen.

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